How to style the power-suit look

If you’ve been keeping your eye on the latest trends, then you’ll know that 2019 is all about the power-suits. This simple look has been transformed entirely for the current season, with bright colors and clean-cut lines. However, there’s always a worry that you could end up looking more shabby than chic in a power-suit. Here’s how to pull off one of the most significant looks this year.

Go French

One of the best ways to style these epic pantsuits for the A/W season is by adding a little je ne sais quoi – yep, we’re talking about going French. Opt for a bright red power-suit which ticks all of the bold fashion choices, then pair it with a striped tee and neck scarf. You’ll look like you’ve just stepped off the catwalk at Paris Fashion Week, or that you spend your days sitting outside a cafe in Paris sipping espressos. Of course, no bold red power-suit would be complete without a swoosh of red lipstick, too.

How to style the power-suit look

Patterned suit

Want to really stand out from the crowd? How about opting for a patterned suit that will make people double-take. Some of the most prominent designers have released some real eye-popping patterns that will take some courage to pull off but will look absolutely incredible when you do. The showstopper will be the power-suit itself, so keep things simple when it comes to everything else. A plain white blouse or tee, plus natural makeup and very few accessories, will ensure you pull this look off effortlessly.

All work and all plaid

If you’re worried that you might turn too many heads in the office with a red or patterned pantsuit, try opting for something a little more plain. Or plaid. There’s no denying that a plaid suit is timeless, especially if you’re going to be wearing it to work. However, mix things up a little bit by wearing a bolder color underneath the suit jacket – as long as they don’t clash. You can also match this color to your shoes and bag, to bring the entire look together.

How to style the power-suit look

Go big or go home

If you really want to be fashion forward with this look, then it’s all about the bright colors and wide legs. You’re definitely going to want to go big or go home when rocking a power-suit. Look for bright pinks in an oversized style that will turn heads the moment you step out of the door. To ensure you look in proportion, try pairing this pantsuit with some skinny heeled boots and a turtle neck. This will stop you looking to big or bulky in places, which is a definite no-no when it comes to rocking a power-suit.

As the power-suit trend is so in right now, you won’t have to worry about finding the perfect style for you. All of the stores are filled to the brim with different colors, cuts, and patterns. Now all you need to do is channel your inner ‘80s diva and pick your favorite.