Things every man needs in his closet

We all have our own style. It’s a part of what makes us unique, but finding the right clothes can sometimes be difficult. Being stylish means looking good while still being yourself, and it doesn’t have to involve breaking the bank. When a lot of people think of the word stylish, they picture big name brands and price tags that never go any lower than three digits. That’s not how it has to be though.

Meet Tan France

Anyone who hasn’t watched Netflix’s Queer Eye will probably not recognize this name, but he’s the man who’s here to solve all your problems. Well, all of your clothing problems anyway.

Tan is a man who knows his way around fashion – he’s a designer – and through the Netflix show, he provided his insight to a whole host of men needing help with their wardrobe. Rather than trying to push the concept that “style costs money,” he tailored his advice to each individual, whether they were a family man with four kids or a bachelor holding down two jobs. To Tan, style is all about “dressing the way you feel confident” in whatever is “appropriate for you, your age, your body type”.

Following the success of Queer Eye and a plethora of messages from fans on the subject, the fashion expert revealed the five things that he believes every man needs in his closet to have good style. Here’s what he said.

Things every man needs in his closet

A good suit

Everyone has that occasion in their life where a suit is needed for something. It might be a wedding or a funeral – that doesn’t matter. Well, maybe a little. Tan suggests that the suit should be dark so that it’s more appropriate for any occasion. No-one really needs more than one suit in their closet, unless they have a very good reason for it.

Things every man needs in his closet

A great pair of shoes

Shoes tend to be one of those things we either buy dozens of pairs of, just wear the same ones again and again. Tan noted that the key to shoes is to look after the ones that you have so that they look fresh and new for a lot longer.

A great fitting pair of jeans

You can buy all sorts of jeans these days – baggy, stretchy and skinny fit are just a couple of examples. Most of us have a pair in our closet because they’ve been a standard feature of menswear for decades, but Tan believes they’re more than just something casual to wear. In his opinion, they can “make or break a look,” but why? A pair of jeans that don’t fit well won’t flatter your body, that’s why.

A great white t-shirt

The ultimate casual piece of clothing. There’s nothing more basic than a white t-shirt, but there’s also nothing more perfect to wear. It’s a timeless look, and it will look good on you whether you’re in your twenties or your sixties. You can also wear it with any clothing combination, and it won’t look out of place. In fact, it’s usually the way that you pair it with other clothes that turn it from something plan to something stylish.

A nice pair of boots

You’ve got a nice pair of shoes, but you need some good boots to change things up every now and again. Depending on what you wear them with, they’re a perfect addition to an outfit – they can be casual and smart. They provide a great option if you’re ever unsure what would be the right look for a certain occasion.

See, looking stylish isn’t so hard? Chances are you’ve got some (if not all) of these things in your closet already without even thinking about it. Having nice clothes doesn’t have to involve splashing the cash, it just requires some careful thought beforehand.