Things you’re likely to find in a woman’s purse

A woman’s purse is like one of those unexplored voids that can keep us guessing for hours. How deep do these things really go anyway? Purses can be packed full of the weird, wonderful, and unexpected, and now it’s time to take a look at the selection of things you are likely to find on your travels.

Hair ties or bobby pins

No matter how hard women try, there are always going to be these little tricksters hanging around. If you’re having a bad day, ready for action, or looking to pull off that ever so effortlessly flawless messy bun then you may need some emergency hair ties throughout the day. Try as we might, those little hairs always seem to escape. No worries, bobby pins have you covered! The best bit is they always seem to fall into the depths of the purse leaving us with a ready supply at all times.

Mints and gum

The best bit of this is we often forget they are in there. So when it comes to the annual purse clear out, these little wonders can be the sweet treat that lurk in all the hidden pockets. At least they leave us with a minty fresh surprise, right? Women never know when they might bump into someone and need to check their breath is smelling fresh. Those afternoon coffees may look good on Instagram, but they can leave an unwanted taste. Thankfully, mints are to the rescue.

Various makeup items

Maybe you are known for your perfect eyeliner? Or perhaps it is your selection of liquid lipsticks that leaves people green with envy? Whatever it is, sometimes we need to top up on our look throughout the day. After all, we can’t be perfect all the time – or can we? Purses can often double up as an on-the-go makeup bag as we haul around the essentials needed to keep us looking ready for the camera. Sadly, many of these items may fall into the depths only to reappear when searching for your keys.

Old receipts

One of the best things about having a purse is it’s like carrying a trash can around on your arm. Women may like to believe that their purse represents their calm and clear mind, but the reality is they are often used as a quick storage solution only to be forgotten about for months. Those receipts may seem important – you never know when you may need to return an item – but they usually end up becoming the brand new lining for your purse. No wonder they are so heavy.

Tangled headphones

You never know when you might be out and about and suddenly find yourself in need of some headphones. Maybe one of the squad has called, but your hands are already full from the latest office coffee run? Perhaps there is that person you have been trying to avoid, and you need any music to help you disappear into the crowd? Although we put our headphones in a neat little bundle in a purse pocket, they somehow release themselves into the jungle of the purse. Here they become the rope that ties it all together – great. Detangler anyone?

Delving into a woman’s purse can say a lot about her personality. After all, these are the items she needs to carry with her no matter where she goes. There is no end in sight when it comes to the possibilities of what can lie in the depths of these mysterious places…