Thrift store secrets to live by

With cheap fast fashion taking the world by storm, everyone seems to be forgetting the phenomenon which is thrift stores! This is the place where you can get second-hand items for a fraction of the price, possibly making some crazy finds along the way. So, how do you maximize your potential when you’re visiting a thrift store? There are some rules to live by, and if you follow them, they may just change your luck.


Location is a big deal

You’ve probably been shopping at your local thrift store, strolling down the road and having a peek at what’s in. Different areas will have different things, and it also depends on what that area is famous for. Some sources have suggested, while affluent neighborhoods can be great, they’re not always filled with diversity and often you may find basic second-hand brands. Of course, to get a branded item for a fraction of the price is a smart idea, if that’s what you’re looking for! However, if you’re chasing a range and variety of designer pieces with more of an eclectic feel, then the city is usually the place to be.

How large is the store

The larger the store, the larger the donation, the larger the selection. While you can certainly stumble over a fantastic find by searching through smaller, more specific thrift stores, the larger ones increase your odds of finding something you really want. So, if you don’t live close to a larger thrift store, then your best bet is to make a whole day of it and be prepared to spend the entire day there.

Sign up

Be exclusive. Learn about their events, their stock, follow their social media, sign up to an email newsletter. Thrift shopping can be more than purchasing the odd item, and it can be a real alternative to saving money and owning top-quality stuff. So being on the first-to-know list can be a massive benefit when it comes to grabbing those novelty finds.

Keep going, you’ll never know

Thrift stores turn items over regularly, and the more you go, the more you maximize your chances of finding some really cool stuff. Of course, you can’t expect to go once a year and make a plethora of surprising discoveries. However, if you are a frequent thrift-shopper, you will have the first choice on any of the desirable items.


Thrift store sales

Yes, thrift stores have sales just like everyone else, they’re just cheaper. What’s the downside? If you go during their sale seasons, then you will get an even better bargain than before, which is pretty awesome. There are two particular seasons you should never miss, and these are the January post-Christmas sales and the summer sales in July.

Pay attention

Never cast anything off as mere junk, you have to learn to have a keen eye because what might look like a hunk of junk, could actually be worth so much more than anyone else realizes. Also, make sure it’s something you really want and be vigilant; there are stores that won’t allow you to return your items.

Play it smart, and you will get the most out of your thrift store experience.