How to transition your wardrobe from summer to fall

Fall means binging on pumpkin spice lattes, pleasant temperatures, and the beginning of the vacation season. The season is knocking on the door, and every fashionista seems to be geared up to fill their wardrobes with the latest outfits in the marketplace. Why shouldn’t they? After all, there’s no one particular season to look trendy.

Don’t fret if the latest autumn collection is beyond your budget because you can transit from the summertime breezy clothes and flip-flops to warm and cozy ones without breaking the bank. Wondering how? Here are a few tips to follow.

Throwing things you don’t need

As the seasons change and autumn is taking over summer, it is a great time for a rejuvenation in the closet. If you see things that you probably won’t wear next year while going over your closet, it’s time to let them go. Donating them to others is good for yourself and for society. Now you will have space for the clothes you will really wear.

Go for dark colors

We prefer to wear whites, beige, or other light-colored outfits during summer to keep our body cool and free of sweat. But fall entails falling temperatures, and you might soon start feeling the chills in the evening. So, you should go for dark colors like oxblood or charcoal, and pair them with your regular accessories. You can still choose white, but dark colors set the mood for the fall.

Preserve your maxi dresses

Maxi dresses are great for warm summer evenings on the beach. But you can still wear them during fall provided you put on long sleeves over it. Whether it is a do-up chambray shirt, a belted coat or a thickset sweater, you can put a long-sleeve outfit over your maxi dress to layer yourself up. Maxi dresses also add structure to your waist and make for a great casual outfit.

Get a few tight leggings

The best part of leggings is that they can be worn with almost all kinds of tops. You can add some tight leggings to your wardrobe and play with different textures, patterns, and colors. Tights also extend the life of your summertime dresses and skirts, making them wearable even when the mercury dips. A good pair of opaque tights, for example, can be worn with a khaki skirt and a pair of boots to welcome the pleasantness of fall.

Check your boots

Last but certainly not least, a pair of good boots should undoubtedly be an addition to your wardrobe this fall. Boots are a staple for fall, and you need them for making your summer outfits more functional. Instead of going for the expensive ones, you can invest in the low-cost ones to pair with your jeans, dresses, and shorts. Just make sure to keep aside some portion of your budget for a stunning pair of boots this autumn.

So now that you learnt how to transition your wardrobe from the hot summer to fall, take your time to improve you fashion style. Good luck!