You only wear 20% of your wardrobe regularly

Yup, you read that correctly. It seems as though you only wear 20% of your wardrobe regularly, but could there be a reason we’re heading back to the old favorites time and time again or is it time to break out some new threads?

Your life is mismatched

Okay, so you might have this whole adulting thing down by now – or at least that’s what others think – but that doesn’t mean we have our wardrobe and our lives matched up. It can be easy to get carried away filling the shopping cart with all the latest trends only for them to arrive and you realize there is no use for them in your life. Sure, those dresses might have looked cute, but they might not work when you work as a personal trainer. It’s important to think about how you will wear your new purchases in your life before handing over the cash.

You only wear 20% of your wardrobe regularly

You’re a bad organizer

We said it. Sometimes, we merely don’t know some of these clothes exist in our wardrobe thanks to our poor organizational skills. It’s shown that putting any clothes in any order in your closet can make it easier to slip back to the old favorites time and time again. Thankfully, there are many ways we can combat the issue. Hanging tops and pants separately is crucial. Plus, organizing clothes by colors can make them a lot easier to mix and match in a hurry.

You don’t pre-plan

Meal prep, gym prep, chore prep – surely there can’t be more prep in our lives, can there? Oh, yes. Wardrobe planning can have a significant effect on our style choices as well as stop us from heading back to the same 20% of our clothes time and time again. Being a sporadic dresser means we are more likely to grab the same clothes day after day. However, spending a few minutes to get creative each day can mean we put more care and effort into choosing other items from our wardrobe selection.

You have “just in case” clothes

We’ll be the first to hold our hands up and say we have those clothes that don’t quite fit. Whether they are now a little baggy or they sit in the back of the closet as the goal outfit that will re-emerge after the diet – these are both reasons we could be filling our wardrobe with unnecessary items. Although being a little baggy or tight at the time might not seem like a huge deal, these can be reasons we avoid wearing many of our clothes. All we need to do to beat the issue is ensure we’re buying clothes that already fit.

You only wear 20% of your wardrobe regularly

While many of us love our old favorites, it might be time to give ourselves a closet shakeup if we want to avoid only wearing 20 percent of our wardrobe. We have all those wonderful clothes just waiting to see the light of day – why not give them a chance after so long in the dark?