How to wear boots and look great doing it

Your footwear can completely change the vibe of an outfit. For example, if you don a pair of stilettos with a pair of jeans, you can dress them up and be ready to go out. However, if you slip on a pair of sneakers with a skirt, you can create the perfect casual look. Boots are a really versatile item, and there are so many ways to wear them, all year round. Here’s how to look great rocking those boots!

Boots that pop

Inject some fun in your outfit by choosing a pair of boots that aren’t the usual black or brown, but instead, have some pattern or bold color on them. Animal print is still really in fashion right now, or opt for a bold floral design if that’s more your style. For a safe way to pull this off, keep the rest of your outfit neutral.

Quirky cowboy boots

For a fun twist on cowboy boots, rather than going full cowgirl style, pair them with a midi skirt or mid-length dress and a cute sweater. This is a look that takes a classic piece and creates an outfit that oozes modern style.

Ankle boots and dresses

Style some cute ankle boots with a ditsy tea dress for a boho look, or a skirt, shirt, tights, and blazer for something that you could wear to the office. A pair of flat, ankle boots in black or brown are a wardrobe staple, so invest in some that are comfortable, and they will serve you well.

Mid-calf boots and jeans

Although ankle- or knee-length are more common for boots, a neutral mid-calf pair can be really stylish. Best worn with a pair of slim-fit or skinny jeans tucked into them and paired with a cute cardigan and knee-length coat. This is a look that is cozy, yet fashionable.

Combat boots and grunge

‘90s fashion is coming back in a big way and one item we are totally here for is a good solid pair of black combat boots. To give these boots a more grown-up feel, wear them with sheer black tights, a miniskirt, a roll-neck sweater, and a patterned blazer. You’ll have a touch of grunge, without looking like you’re trying to relive your high school days.

Thigh-high style

Thigh-high boots are often styled over the top of some skin-tight trousers, and although this is a fantastic classic look, it’s not the only way to rock them. A printed midi dress with a daring slit, teamed with some leather thigh-high boots with a chunky heel will really get heads turning for all the right reasons.

Whether you wouldn’t be caught outside in anything without a heel or you are more of a flat ankle boot kinda girl, there is a pair of boots that suit everyone, and a way to style them to look as though you’ve just stepped off the pages of a glossy magazine. So don’t just play it safe with boots this year. Get out of your comfort zone – after all, these boots are made for walkin’!