What’s hair contouring, and is it right for you?

As the world continues to turn, it seems as though every day brings another new and crazy beauty trend. So what about when we learn of a new way we might be able to add a little something to our hair? We’ve all heard of face contouring, but now it seems as though hair contouring is the new thing. So, what is it, and is it right for you?

What is hair contouring?

You might have heard of face contouring, but now it might be time to apply the same logic to your hair. But how? Put away the beauty blenders and be prepared for some hair dye. Hair contouring is using different tones and highlights to emphasize and alter the appearance of the shape of your face. Lighter tones will often make faces appear longer while darker shadows are used to make faces look shorter or narrower – all with some simple color. Hair contouring is all about creating the ultimate optical illusion you can wear on the streets.

What’s hair contouring, and is it right for you?

How to determine your face shape

The first thing to do is determine the shape of your face. There are typically five main types. Round faces will typically have a face that is as long as it is wide, while square faces will have a more angular jaw and shorter forehead. Oblong faces are usually one-and-a-half times as long as they are wide, and rectangular faces are similar but have a broader forehead as well as a more defined jawline. Finally, a diamond face is characterized by having cheekbones that are wider than the rest of your face.

How does a colorist apply hair contouring?

Hair contouring shouldn’t be attempted by just anyone as it takes a skilled colorist to get the highlights and shadows in the right places. They usually do this freehand as they will decide where could do with elongating and the areas of your face that could be narrowed. Colorists will typically stick to shades that are no more than one to two shades lighter or darker than your natural color to make the illusion seem as natural as possible. Thankfully, using a skilled colorist means there shouldn’t be any stripes in sight!

Is hair contouring right for you?

Simply put: yes! Hair contouring is always tailored to suit an individual’s face meaning it can work for anyone that sits in the salon chair. Sometimes, your colorist might ask for a consultation before they start working on your color so they can envision a plan for your locks. They can then mix up colors that will not only suit the shape of your face but will also compliment your skin tone. As if that wasn’t enough, the similar shades mean hair contouring should always look nice and natural – even though we both know the truth.

What’s hair contouring, and is it right for you?

Thankfully, it looks as though we have stumbled upon a beauty trend that isn’t as scary as it sounds. For once, we can sit back and let someone else do the hard work as we reap all the benefits of freshly contoured hair.