How wireless earphones are turning into the next fashion statement

If you’re the kind of person who loves their tech, you’ll know that the technology world is constantly changing. Every day, scientists and engineers bring a brand new idea to the table, and they do everything they can to make it happen. Yes, we’re talking about you, Tim Cook! Of course, Apple has always been one of the biggest players when it comes to technology, and they aren’t shy of bringing a new product into the world. While there were some people who were a little hesitant about their wireless headphones – or AirPods – there are others who believe it has sparked a revolution. Sure, it’s a technology revolution, but it seems as though these bad boys are the next fashion statement…

The wireless headphone revolution

Wires are soooo last year, apparently! Although Apple and their AirPods have recently taken the world by storm, and it’s almost impossible to scroll through Instagram without seeing one of your favorite celebs getting their wireless earbuds on, there are other brands who have made the move away from the wires. Major brands such as Beats and Bose have all made their first foray into the world of wireless headphones – but most of these earphones are over-the-ear products that connect through Bluetooth. After all, it’s pretty easy to keep over-the-ear on your head as they simply use your earlobe to keep in place. Until Apple came along, nobody had really tried to create in-ear headphones that were wireless, because there was seemingly no way to keep them in! Somehow, Apple managed to crack it.

So, how do they stay in?

Because Apple cannot create earphones that are perfect for every single person’s ears on the planet, they had to design a one-size-fits-all headphone that would seemingly work for everybody. However, there isn’t any magic trick that comes with this design. They may not have wires, but there isn’t anything else to these headphones that make them stay in your ear… They just do! Many wearers have confessed that they actually stay in their ears better than when they wore their old headphones that had wires, as there are no wires to get caught or pulled.

A fashion revolution?

When Apple AirPods first made their way onto the market, there were some people who were clearly not impressed. They didn’t quite understand how they worked, they were amazed at the price ($160 for some small headphones?!), and they thought that they would lose them within just a few days. Yet, it seems as though most people have been pleasantly surprised by the wireless headphones. To start with, they did look a little silly. After all, people aren’t used to seeing others wandering around with little white sticks coming out of their ears, but the more popular they become, the more fashionable they are becoming. As more and more celebrities and influencers alike ditch their headphone wires for wireless earphones, more and more people are seeing them as a fashion accessory. They show the world that you’re up to date on the latest trends, they show the world that you have money, and they show the world that you’re cool and hip. What more could you want?

We all have headphones in our lives, and there’s a high chance that you’re still donning your headphones that come with wires. If this is you, why don’t you give wireless headphones a chance? Not only are they much more practical, but they also look pretty darn fashionable…