The newest exercise crazes you should try

Exercise – how can I make it fun? That’s what a lot of people think when they acknowledge that it’s time for them to start improving their fitness. Sometimes it’s hard to get enjoyment out of exercise, even if the workout is designed to help you have a good time. People are always trying to think up ways to make staying fit more interesting and worth sticking to. Although we can’t promise you’ll definitely have fun with these latest crazes, they’ll certainly make it different.

Yoga wheel

Something that’s seen a surge in popularity recently is the yoga wheel. The very simple piece of equipment has become a huge craze for people looking to make their bodies more lean and flexible. It’s a low impact exercise, and the wheel can be used in a variety of ways by people of all fitness levels. Yoga, in general, has become increasingly popular recently, so this latest craze is hardly surprising.

Photo: BURST


This might sound like a bit of a bizarre craze, but fitness gurus are all about recovery right now. Taking a break during exercise has always been important – we need it to recharge. However, programs have never focused on it as much as they’re starting to now. A growing number of gyms are setting up classes specifically for recovery, with a concentration on things like stretching and mobilizing your muscles and joints.

The emergence of programs designed around this might seem surprising considering that high-intensity interval training has been all the rage recently. These workouts tend to go against the notion of taking it slow by having you do quick bursts of intense exercise. However, an individual can’t expect to be in great health if they don’t give their body the care that it deserves.


Boxing has been around for a long time, but it’s never been considered a craze until now. It’s become a bigger craze than indoor cycling, and at one time it seemed like everyone was doing that. Why is it suddenly so popular? Well, a lot more women have started getting into boxing. They’ve become more interested in focusing on their core strength and having an athletic image. It’s no wonder that they and everyone else has looked to boxing to achieve this, because the exercise is not an overly-demanding form of cardio. It’s easy to pick up and tests your whole body. Plus, it’s a great way to get out any residual anger.

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If you didn’t enjoy any of the other crazes, then you should at least find this one entertaining. Did you ever use a dance mat when you were younger? Well, if you did, then you might already have the skills required for Prama. This new craze is being increasingly adopted by gyms across the globe as the desire to blend technology and fitness hits its peak. Prama is essentially an interactive program built into the floor which tests your speed, strength, mobility, reactions, flexibility, etc. There’s all manner of different workouts that you can do, and it’s believed that a 45-minute session can burn around 1000 calories. Where can we sign up?

Let’s face it; exercising is never going to be a walk in the park (unless you go for a walk in the park). However, there are always new things coming along to change things up and at least bring a bit of variety to your workout routine. Who knows, maybe one of these crazes will be the thing that inspires you to start spending more time at the gym.