The complete guide to coffemakers for your home

Many of us can’t imagine a better way to start the morning than with a cup of the hot good stuff. However, even making it ourselves can sometimes seem like too much of a task for our morning brains. It could be time to invest in a coffee maker. Now, it’s just time to pick the right one for your home.

Filter coffee machines

These are often thought to be some of the simplest options. Filter coffee machines are just that – they make filter coffee and can make several cups at once meaning they’re perfect for anyone with a line of people waiting for their morning coffee or those who love to have guests. Some come with grinders that will help prepare fresh coffee beans while others need people to use pre-ground coffee. Either way, they’re pretty low maintenance and make simple black coffee. Could we ask for more?

The complete guide to coffemakers for your home

Pod machines

Although these machines can see us spending more on our coffee than usual, using pod machines is a way to inject a little variety into our lives while still getting the same great taste we enjoy from a professional barista. The coffee makers have a special compartment to place pods that come preloaded with the perfect amount of coffee we need. The best bit? The pods come in so many varieties and flavors. Then, merely press a switch and let the machine do its magic. All you need to do is add in any sugar or sweetener, and you’re good to go.

Manual espresso machines

Perhaps you dream of having professional-level coffee at your fingertips to enjoy whenever you like? Look no further. Manual espresso machines are the closest thing we will find to the machines we see in the coffee shops as you can control every aspect of your cup. However, they often take a little more work to create the perfect cup o’ Joe. As well as grinding your own coffee beans, these machines require us to steam the milk and add it all together, too. Plus, you often need to repeat the process for every cup which can make bulk making a little longer.

The complete guide to coffemakers for your home

Bean-to-cup machines

These are like manual machines but with a little less effort. These allow us to add in the beans and water as the device will grind it all for us without the worry of having to do it ourselves. If you have more money in the budget, then some coffee makers even come with integrated milk frothers that can be set to heat the milk to the exact right temperature without us having to worry. The best bit? You can simply add in another cup as soon as the first is done to make many servings all at once.

Whether you know exactly how you like your coffee in the morning or you love to experiment with different flavors and combinations, it seems as though there is a coffee maker for just about every household. Now, all we need to do is get shopping to find the perfect addition. Coffee, anyone?