Dessert chefs you should be following

Have you ever looked at the word “desserts”? Like, really looked at it? Well, if you have, you’ll know that “desserts” is “stressed” backwards – and that is a very important fact. Because the world kinda sucks, most of us live in our little bubble that is full to the brim with stress. We get cranky, we get tired, and we just get annoyed with civilization. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to stay that way. Because desserts have reversed stress in a literal term, most people don’t realize that stress is also reversed physically, emotionally and spiritually when we eat desserts. The same goes for when we look at them on Instagram…

Cedric Grolet – @cedricgrolet

If you know anything about fine dining and desserts, there’s a high chance that you’ve heard of Cedric Grolet – because he’s kind of a big deal. As one of the most impressive pastry chefs in the whole world, Cedric has been commissioned to make desserts for huge companies and brands over the years and has impressed the whole world with his edible art. From cakes that look like Rubik’s Cubes to delicate apple tarts that look good enough to eat… you definitely will want to eat everything on his Instagram page. Guaranteed.

Natassia Johnson – @letmeeatcake

I mean, Natassia has convinced us through the name alone, because we say “Let me eat cake” at least twenty times a day. According to her Instagram bio, Natassia states that cake is her love language, which means that she kinda knows what she’s talking about. While she does like to do things delicately and decadently, Natassia is more about substance over style and offers wholesome dessert options that you could make in your own house. From fancy homemade s’mores to cakes, pies and more, this lady really knows how to pull on our dessert-strings.

Tal Spiegel – @desserted_in_paris

Tal Spiegel mixes two of our favorite things in one; desserts and shoes. Yep, this dude is based in Paris (i.e., the pastry capital of the world) but takes his desserts and cakes worldwide. With only one picture pose in his repertoire, there are some who would think this Instagram is a little boring – but not after they check it out for themselves. Tal’s impressive desserts are meticulously matched with his shoes on the day, and these pictures will make you want to eat cake and buy shoes at the same time. It’s a dangerous combination.

Frank Adrian Baron – @cakeboyparis

Although Frank Baron may be an American native, he has since made a new life for himself across the pond in Paris, where he is taking the dessert world by storm. From classic French desserts to his own creations, this Instagram page is full of mouth-watering pictures that make us super hungry. If you weren’t already sold, Frank also posts adorable photographs of his dogs and his travels around the world – which means you’re really getting three for the price of one. How could you say no?

Molly Yeh – @mollyyeh

If you want to feel serious cake envy, you know who to follow. Molly Yeh is quite literally the coolest chick around with her adorable classes and her quirky style, but this self-confessed farm girl knows how to cook. While she does mainly focus on desserts and cakes, Molly also ventures into the world of savory food ((shivers)) which actually looks pretty darn good. You’ve got to give her a follow.

If you’re currently scrolling through your Instagram bored out of your mind, there’s a high chance that you need to up your following numbers – and add a few new people to your list. Before you follow the latest cast member from The Bachelor, make sure you follow these epic dessert chefs…