Easy recipes for brunch with the girls

Have you ever woken up super hungry after an epic sleep but realized that it’s a little too late for breakfast? Things go from bad to worse when you realize that it’s also too early for lunch. What do you do? Do you starve? Do you gorge yourself on Cheetos? Do you panic and make a stack of 21 pancakes? Well, for starters you need to calm the heck down, and then you need to understand that all is not lost. In fact, this whole situation works in your favor, because you can try out some of these awesome and easy brunch recipes…

Breakfast burrito

For some reason, food tastes so much better when it’s in a burrito. It’s basically science. If you’re looking for a quick and easy brunch recipe, then look no further! The best thing about this recipe is that you can fill it with anything. You can cook everything from bacon to sausages, to hash browns, to mushrooms, to eggs and more and just stash it in a tortilla. If you’re feeling really fancy, you could take your breakfast burrito to a whole new sweet level and wrap fruit and Nutella in a makeshift pancake burrito. You know you want to.

Easy recipes for brunch with the girls

Tex-Mex hash with eggs

The best thing about a Tex-Mex hash recipe is that you literally just need to shove everything in a pan and let it do its thing. You’ll need potatoes, avocados, eggs, chilies, and anything else of your fancy to cook up a storm. The heat will give you that lunchtime feeling and will wake you up for the day, the eggs will add a little bit of breakfast into the mix, and the avocado will solve all of your millennial needs. It’s a win-win situation really, isn’t it?

Baked avocados

Let’s be honest; the world is obsessed with avocados. We love to smash it up into a cool guacamole, we love to chunk it up in our salads, and some people even like to drink lattes out of them! Thankfully, this baked avocados recipe is much easier to follow. For this recipe, you will need avocados (obviously), eggs, salmon, toasted bread, and pepper. Take out the stone, leaving a hole in the avocado (you can always scoop out a bit to make the hole a bit bigger) before placing a slice of salmon in there. Then, top the salmon with a cracked egg and pepper, and simply pop in the oven for ten minutes!

Easy recipes for brunch with the girls

Mix and match brunch waffles

If you want to make your brunch experience even easier, you might want to buy ready-made waffles from the grocery store. While some consider this cheating, we think it’s just a heck of a lot quicker. Anyway, the hard work comes in the presentation! The best thing about mix and match waffles is that you can get a whole host of toppings prepared and ready to go. Grab some bowls and cut up a load of fruit, fry off some bacon, toast some pecans, cut up some avocado slices, cook some eggs, and even make some fried chicken if you’re that way inclined. The world really is your oyster (or your waffle).


The vegetarians among you may be wondering what kind of food you can eat, but we’ve been saving the best ‘til last. Shakshuka is a classic brunch menu item, and features a tomato sauce filled with vegetables and spices, and topped off with eggs that bubble away in one giant pan. You can go wild with this recipe and add all of the extra ingredients you could possibly want, so you can make it truly your own.

Brunch is the perfect option for you if you’re just not into breakfast but can’t wait until lunch. From sweet treats to savory sauces, there are so many brunch options to choose from – the only problem you’ll have is figuring out which one of these easy brunch recipes to make first!