French foods you should pack up and bring home

France is that one place that brings to mind the best of everything. Sights, culture, and cuisine. If visitors could, they would probably bring with them pieces of Paris to just have a little French with them to remind them of the exquisite experience that’s like none other. As far as souvenirs go, food happens to be a pretty reasonable thing to carry back with you once you leave France. Cuisine is very much an integral part of French culture, so it’s all proper and in order to pack away some of their delicious treats.

Given food can be perishable or fragile, you need to be careful about the food you choose to pack up. This is especially if you’ll be traveling for long. You don’t want your piece of France spoiling before you land. Below are some of the French foods you can bring back to your family, friends or just for yourself when you miss those wonderful Parisian nights!

1. Dijon Mustard

When it comes to French cuisine, mustard is like the magic ingredient. Finding its way in almost every French dish, it’s the perfect condiment to carry home, incorporate in your meals and get a taste of France whenever you want. Make sure to get locally produced mustard for the complete French experience. Then there’s the many different flavors, some you wouldn’t dream of. Your meats will never taste the same again.

2. Saucisson

Pork farming is a common activity in France. Buy special thick, dried sausages in various flavors from the farmers. They taste really delicious when served with crusty bread and slices of pickles.

3. Biscuit de Reims

Wholly French, these were first made in Reims, France by bakers who wanted to put the hot bread ovens to more use. Black vanilla seeds used in making them are colored red instead. Since their invention, they’ve managed to take the country by storm, replacing regular biscuits in most cases. They go really well with a glass of champagne.

4. Aniseed Drops

Talking of treats, this is French candy that you don’t want to leave behind. Having been around since the 16th century, it’s fine to term them as truly French! There are endless flavors for your sweet tooth with options such as black currant, ginger, clementine and lavender. Then there’s the adorable pill boxes that they come in which can make for a good collection.

5. Camargne Rice

There are thousands of varieties of rice found worldwide, and the one from France shouldn’t miss its chance on your table. Rice farming isn’t usually on the list of things most people think about when they think of France, but the country does have a rich marshland where the crop grows. Red and black rice sounds like a nice change from what you’re used to, right?

6. Butter

Just like mustard, French butter is that other very important ingredient that never misses in most French dishes. Nutty, rich and sweet, it would be an awesome thing for your taste buds if you could take some home with you. Take precautions to store it well and get it home in good condition, it’ll be worth it.