Great kitchen hacks that you can learn


Keeping the kitchen clean and organized seems like an incredible task some days, especially when everything needs cleaning. What if there was an easier way? Surely not! Now with these hacks, the job doesn’t seem so impossible!

1) Watch how you can peel a hard boiled egg in seconds


2) Clean organisation

Gloves at the ready, it is a balancing act to keep everything where it should be in the cleaning cupboard! By the end of the search, it is usually the task of cleaning the cabinet vowing never to let it get so disorganized again! But what if there was an answer to the mess and you could just get something instantly? Well, look no further! Putting up a tension rod in the cupboard gives somewhere for the spray bottles to be hooked keeping them all upright, and most importantly – organized!

3) Sponge care

There aren’t many things worse than a cold, damp dish sponge that has been sat in the sink for who knows how long. Using a foldback clip to stand the scoundrel in question up will not only allow the sponge to dry on all sides but having air circulate around it will prevent any mildew or mold from being able to grow! No more will you have to rinse it in water and pray that sometime in the next few months it will be dry enough to store away!

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 4.58.33 PM

4) Zap away the dirt

Once your sponge is nice and clean, we have a good use for it! Having exploded food in the microwave can be a nightmare. Not only is it unsanitary, but it’s a pain to clean off! Spray the inside of your microwave with water before putting in a soaked sponge onto the turning table. Turn it on for a couple of minutes to create a load of steam and voila! Once the sponge has cooled down, merely use it to wipe over the food that has splattered the inside and it should come off in a breeze. Nice and clean once again!

5) Flour power

The power of flour is excellent when it comes to natural cleaners. Dipping a microfiber cloth in some flour and giving your stainless steel appliances, such as your sink or toaster, a good buff is the first step to getting them to look brand new! Finish by rinsing off the residue and everything will be left with a brilliant shine as if straight out the showroom. Thank you, Mother Nature!

6) A fresh smell

Sometimes cooking disasters happen, and none of us are innocent! But we don’t want to be reminded for days of the burning smell, or perhaps don’t want our family to find out we messed up. If you find your kitchen needing a bit of a freshen up then we have a solution. Putting two or three caps full of vanilla extract into a dish that’s safe for oven use, you can set the dish into the oven at 300 ish degrees for around an hour. The smell will give the kitchen the freshen up it needs!

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7) Wash it away

To prevent food clogging up the kitchen sink, there is a quick but straightforward trick at hand. Start by pouring down a touch of baking soda to loosen the grime and absorb the odors that may be lurking down there. Then simply pour down some boiling water! Simple yet effective, this hack will keep your pipes flowing freely!

Hopefully the task of keeping the heart of the home tidy won’t be such a chore from now on. With a fresh smell and organized clutter, nothing is stopping us now – bring on the next room!