What happens to your body when you drink milk every day?

Sometimes nothing quite gets our taste buds tingling like the thought of a nice cold glass of milk. Occasionally we could even be drinking milk without even thinking about it, such as in our coffee or cereal. So what happens to our body when we quench our love of milk every day?

Tummy troubles

Although milk sounds like a delicious beverage, grabbing a glass of the cold stuff may not be the best idea after all. According to research, our tummies can struggle to keep up. Milk contains good and bad bacteria that can have drastic effects on our stomach health. This can then further have effects on our brains as the body starts developing migraines. As if that wasn’t enough, we can also endure significant bloat from all the dairy.

Acne issues

Sadly, it looks as though acne may also be linked to too much milk. Milk is known to be an inflammatory, and just like most other food we put into our bodies, it can eventually show on our skin. According to research, it looks as though chugging too much milk could cause our skin to become inflamed. This sadly manifests in the form of acne.

What happens to your body when you drink milk every day?

Protein, protein, protein

It looks as though cow’s milk does more than just give us a delicious alternative to drink; it can also help get in some much-needed protein. In fact, this choice of drink can see as much as one ounce of protein for every one ounce of milk – as if that wasn’t enough to get us grabbing a glass! It looks as though we can become #swoll after all.

Calcium benefits

If there is one thing we remember from our childhood, it’s that milk is an excellent source of calcium. And why do we need calcium? For healthy bones and teeth! Calcium can be found in many food options. However, drinking a glass of milk is the easiest way to get the most for your consumption. For example, one glass of milk has the same amount of calcium as eating 10 cups of spinach. It looks as though there’s no arguing here.

Dropping the pounds

Studies now suggest that getting a glass of milk in each day could help to drop the pounds, or even have fat burning abilities that we never knew possible. According to the experts, it is all the nutritional benefits of milk – such as the calcium and protein – that help our bodies to shed the weight. The research has shown that women who drink milk on a daily basis are far more likely to lose any weight than the women who don’t.

What happens to your body when you drink milk every day?

Illness fighter

As if there weren’t enough benefits already, milk could also help your body to fight off the chance of developing certain illnesses. Conditions such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes could all be reduced if people were to up their milk intake. However, the study also proved that dairy products such as cheese and yogurt had more beneficial side effects, so it looks as though variations of milk could be the way forwards!

Whether it’s grabbing a glass or adding some to your breakfast meal, it looks as though milk has a vast number of benefits. While the white stuff may have its drawbacks, milk can also affect us in a number of incredible ways.