Important rules to apply if you want to pick a good watermelon

The problem with fruits that have thick skins is that you have no real idea if it’s nice and juicy inside or not. The only way to tell for sure is to open it up and have a taste, but if you’re too early, then you might have just ruined it altogether. Picking watermelons can be fraught with difficulty, but luckily for you, we’ve discovered the most important rules to follow when picking a good one.

Sweet and refreshing

Watermelon is the perfect summer treat for those of us who are feeling a little dehydrated. It’s ideal for a summer barbecue, and the chances are you’ve already bought yourself one or two of the giant fruits this year. How many of those were perfectly ripe though? By following these guidelines, you can ensure you get the perfect watermelon from the grocery store each and every time.


Looking for the yellow spot

Whenever watermelons begin to ripen, they develop a yellow spot on their rind. When you are in the store, you want to be looking for that yellow spot and keeping an eye on the condition of that spot. If it is yellow and creamy, then you’ve got yourself a perfectly ripe watermelon. Watermelons with yellow spots also mean that they have had enough time to ripen in the sun and if the spot is white instead, it probably didn’t have time to ripen.

Feel the weight of it

When picking your watermelon, one thing you should definitely do is pick it up. You’ll be picking it up to put it in your cart anyway, but when you lift it, the watermelon should feel really heavy. As far as watermelons are concerned, the heavier they are the better.

You want your watermelon to be filled with juice, and picking up heavy ones is a good sign that there is plenty of juice just waiting to be enjoyed. Make sure to take a close look at the rind of your chosen watermelon, and if there are any bruises or soft spots, then it’s time to pick another.

Give it a tap

This might make you seem a little strange in the store, but give your chosen watermelon a good tap and listen in. No one wants an under-ripe watermelon, so you’ll have to listen out for just the right pitch when giving yours a tap. Tap on the middle of the fruit and listen out for the right sound. Under-ripe watermelons tend to have a high-pitched sound, while over-ripe ones will make a dull thud when you give it a tap. The perfect watermelon should sound hollow.


Follow your nose

When it comes to fresh produce, one of the best things you can do is follow your nose. Your nose has developed over millions of years of evolution to warn you about putting something in your mouth, so use it for watermelon finding.

The perfectly ripe watermelon should smell slightly sweet but not too much when you give it a sniff. Also if you notice a dried-out tail when you pick up your watermelon the odds are you’ve picked yourself a good one.

If your watermelon passes all of these tests, then you should be able to bring it home and start tucking into it right away. People might think you’re being a little weird in the store, but you’ll be the one enjoying perfectly ripe watermelon while they get the dry ones.