Leading solutions for picky eating in children

Perhaps you remember back to your childhood when it seemed as though every food was poison and you had a select few things you likes? Many of us go through a picky eating stage, and it can be pretty frustrating for parents. Thankfully, there are some leading solutions for picky eating in children that are sure to help them move past their phase.

Cut out snacking for boredom

This is one sure-fire way to fill up your kids before it’s time for dinner. While many youngsters prefer to graze throughout the day, eating when there is nothing better to do could have adverse effects at meal times. Why? They may be full from the rest of the day and could become picky from only wanting to eat to occupy their mind and not fill their stomachs.

Think about visuals

Many of us enjoy a meal with our eyes first, and children are no different. We don’t have to enlist in a culinary course to encourage our youngsters to eat, but a little presentation can do a long way with children. Cutting vegetables into shapes rather than offering a salad, using a colored cup instead of a plain one, and even making faces or pictures with their meals could all come in helpful at this time.

Use three foods

Sometimes we need to add in a new food to expand our child’s palette. The trick is learning how to do this one step at a time. If you know two foods that your child enjoys, then use this to your advantage. Load up their plate with two servings of the parts they enjoy and add in one new piece. This way, they will be able to decide how much they eat as well as knowing it is concealed by familiar foods.

Forget the police role

It can be easy to feel as though we need to police our children as they eat. Have you thought about the extra pressure you’re putting on your young one? One of the best ways to avoid this situation is to sit with them so you can glance at their plate, but make conversation about other topics and not food. Plus, don’t overreact when they try one of the new foods. Instead, praise them at the end of the meal to ensure it was a positive experience.

Never lie about the food

Have you found yourself wanting to lie about the new food you put on your child’s plate? Maybe you try and cover it up with other food you know they like? This might not be the best way to expand their tastes. Instead, youngsters might begin to fear meals altogether in case there is a hidden surprise waiting to be found. It’s best to be honest with your little one and explain how much you and the rest of the family enjoy that part of the meal.

While picky eating might seem like a never-ending phase, thankfully there are many ways we can help our children out the other side and onto more exotic meals every day.