The tastiest pancake recipes you’ll ever find

Pancakes might just be the perfect food. They can be sweet or savory; eaten at any time of the day and everything tastes better on top of them! Serve pancakes for brunch, and you really look like you’ve got your life together! However, if you are only sticking to the basic maple syrup and bacon pancakes then you are seriously missing a trick – here are some fantastic pancake recipes that are sure to impress.

Remember, you can make your pancake mix from scratch, or just use a packet mix!

Crunchy S’more Pancakes

Add one of the best foods, to another of the best foods, and this is basically edible heaven! Mix chocolate chips, marshmallows (either use mini mallows, or big ones cut up!), and Graham crackers together in a bowl. Put your pancake mix onto the preheated griddle and add your mixture – cook as usual. Serve with an extra sprinkle of your S’more mixture and enjoy!

But be warned – these are deliciously s’moreish!

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The tastiest pancake recipes you’ll ever find

Cheddar and Chive Pancakes

Savory pancakes are underappreciated – why wouldn’t you have pancakes for main and dessert if you can?! These cheddar and chive pancakes are delicious and can be made into a sweet and savory taste explosion with a drizzle of maple syrup on top. Otherwise, the recipe is simple. Use buttermilk in the place of water and while you let the mixture stand, cook eggs over medium in a pan (over medium is a suggestion, however you can really prepare them however you prefer). Put the cooked eggs to the side while you cook the pancake batter. Add to this some sliced or shredded cheddar cheese and finely chopped chives. Serve layered with the eggs and an extra helping of the cheese and chives.

Birthday cake pancakes

Pancakes on your birthday should be the law, and these special birthday pancakes are ideal! When you are cooking the batter on the griddle, swirl in some vanilla pudding or yogurt. Sprinkle in a mixture of rainbow sprinkles and crushed up crispy rice cereal – however much you want! Cook the pancakes as normal and serve with whipped cream, sprinkles, and candle and anything else you want – it’s a birthday breakfast after all!

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The tastiest pancake recipes you’ll ever find

Banana, PB and J pancakes

PB & J is the best sandwich filling, and if you don’t agree, you are wrong. Add bananas and pancakes, and really, there is nothing that could be better! Before you add the peanut butter and jam, you need to make them a little thinner. Add a dash of water into a bowl of each and microwave until they are both a little bit runnier. Swirl the jam and butter into cooking pancake batter while they are on the griddle. Serve with sliced bananas and more PB&J for the ultimate treat.

You can mix up the flavor of jam and the type of nut butter, so the possibilities are endless. Remember, pancakes don’t have to be unhealthy (but let’s face it, they taste better when they are!). Try adding some protein powder, or replacing the egg with mashed banana. When it comes to toppings, the only limit is your imagination and what you can fit in your griddle, so try experimenting. We’re sure no one will mind helping you taste test!