The world’s best sustainable fine dining restaurants

This mindset of sustainability is one that is currently trending all over the world. In reality, it should have been trending years ago already, but we humans can sometimes take our time for important matters to really sink in. Sustainability should be the driving force behind everything we do, especially when it comes to food. The human race cannot continue to flourish if our food systems are not sustainable, that’s just basic math.

Fortunately, sustainable foods are now not only available at those little organic markets we love to visit on the weekends. This mindset is rapidly growing within the industry and beyond. All over the world, restaurants have seen the need for sustainable foods as a way to do their part for their communities and our planet. Restaurant owners are sourcing goods from local organic farmers or even growing fresh produce themselves and avoiding big brand GMO farms altogether. The result is better food, better economy, a better carbon footprint, and happier patrons. We have come up with a superb list of the world’s best sustainable fine dining restaurants.

L’Arpège, France

Alain Passard strives for plant-based excellence and sustainability in his Parisian restaurant. L’Arpège opened in 1986 and has since gained its third Michelin star and won the Chefs’ Choice Award in the World’s 50 Best Restaurants for 2019. He decided to devote himself to this plant-based quest in 2001, focusing on cooking with fire and obtaining his produce from biodynamic vegetable gardens within his community. While meat dishes have been introduced to the menu, the bulk of the menu consists of plant-based culinary mastery.

The world’s best sustainable fine dining restaurants

Schloss Schauenstein, Switzerland

Three Michelin stars just about says it all. This prestigious establishment won the Sustainable Restaurant Award at the World’s 50 Best Restaurants for 2019 and it’s owner, Andreas Caminada, couldn’t be prouder. The award was fair as Andreas obtains their organic produce from the grounds surrounding their establishment, as well as local organic farmers. The menu changes with the seasons to accommodate for this. The restaurant also makes use of renewable energy and reusable packaging.

Mirazur, France

The menu at Mirazur draws inspiration from and reflects the surrounding landscape as Mauro Clogreco obtains all of their fresh produce from the restaurant’s own gardens, surrounding land, local farmers, and fishermen. With three Michelin stars behind their name, Mirazur also landed a spot high on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list for 2019. To find out more about the story behind this sustainable cooking, take a look at Mauro Clogreco’s recently released cookbook, aptly named “Mirazur.”

The world’s best sustainable fine dining restaurants

Central and Mil, Peru

These two restaurants are owned by Virgilio Martinez, a chef whose devotion to native Peruvian ingredients has earned him much respect on the world’s culinary stage. The two restaurants are vastly different, not only in location but also in their menus as each establishment uses local and indigenous produce to create a 17-course fine dining experience. Martinez feels that this approach will preserve the culinary identity of each region.

These phenomenal restaurants have broken the mold on traditional culinary ways and are clearly leading the industry into delectable, sustainable cooking. These menus of masterful creation further cement what is possible in the world of exquisite cuisine. We hope that this trend will keep growing for the sake of our future.