The benefits of taking walks

Physical exercise does a lot of good to our bodies. Other than giving physical fitness, it also improves our mental abilities. It’s advisable to do some form of physical exercise daily. This does not necessarily mean that you have to go work out at a gym or follow some kind of complex routine. Many people don’t get to exercise because they lack the time to do it. Getting your daily dose of physical exercise can however be as easy as moving from one place to another.

Walking is actually an exercise that can lead to better health when done daily for a period of at least half an hour. While it may seem like such an obvious activity that everyone does, many people may not get in many minutes of walking, especially those working in offices. People are used to using vehicles and other modes of transport to get to places and once they get there, they use elevators. Giving up some of these effortless modes of movement for walking can benefit you in the following ways:


Better health

Studies have shown that walking for at least 30 minutes daily can improve your overall physical wellness by lowering your risk of developing health problems such as heart disease, osteoporosis and diabetes type 2. It will also help rid of excess body fat that may bring about such conditions as hypertension. Your bones will also become stronger from walking.

It’s simple and convenient

Walking is probably the most hassle free form of physical exercise. You do not need specialized equipment to get it done. You also do not need any specific area to do it, you can do it anywhere. You can do your daily exercise by walking part of the way to work or back home. Walking your dog is a fun way to do it. A comfortable pair of walking shoes are all you’ll need to look for to ensure you don’t injure your feet or suffer blisters. With walking, there’s also not many risks of accidents as with other exercises.

Lifts your mood

Getting out of your house and taking a walk outside can lift your dull mood. This is especially if you do it in a calm and serene place like a park or through a nature trail. The fresh air and the scenes outside will take you from the dark places in your mind and give you new perspective. If you’re suffering from depression, your symptoms will decrease as moving gets rid of the stress hormone cortisol out of your system and leaves you feeling better.


Relieves pain

Walking has been proven by researchers to ease chronic pain. Going on a walk while in pain doesn’t sound appealing, but once you get moving you’ll start feeling better.

If you’re experiencing health conditions that make it hard for you to walk for thirty minutes, start with ten minutes and gradually increase the duration. Start off with slow walks then build up to a brisk pace that will ensure you enjoy all of these benefits.