Coffee vs. tea – the benefits and negatives of both

There is nothing like having a warm cup of coffee or a hot cup of tea, they are the beverages of comfort and energy, even if the two don’t always go together. While tea is probably best associated with a British stereotype, it doesn’t stop it being a great go-to whenever a hot drink is required to warm your belly. However, while the Brits might have an endless obsession with a good cup of tea, the caffeine drink of the world seems to be coffee, in many shapes and sizes. They’re almost a cultural must in many places around the world, but for the western world, the coffee shop mania is part of everyday life, with many people using it as an aspect of socialization and fun, rather than for thirst. So, which is better for you, tea or coffee?

Coffee vs. tea – the benefits and negatives of both

Tea – the positives

When it comes to tea, there are so many different types it can be challenging to keep up with it. Tea can have some great health benefits, depending on the type, too. So, take green tea, for example, it has been considered one of the healthiest beverages in the entire world, and it’s because it’s full of nutrients and antioxidants. It is a natural way of hydrating yourself with the added benefits of all the natural goodness that comes with it. Green tea has even been described to have powerful medicinal properties; this doesn’t mean it’s going to cure any diseases or become a natural alternative for vaccines, it just means that it’s a drink that helps your body’s overall health and can possibly even strengthen your immune system. This is because of the protective properties it possesses.

Tea – the negatives

It depends what kind of tea you’re drinking, but tea still has caffeine in it. Some people are more sensitive to caffeine than others and, while it’s far less than coffee, it’s still prevalent within the drink and can similarly affect your body; especially if you drink enough of it. As with most things, everything is good in moderation and tea is the same. If you drink too much tea, you can find yourself suffering from troubling side effects such as constipation. Another side effect also includes anxiety and a variety of restlessness, which can affect your sleep patterns and have a knock-on effect. If you have a good ol’ regular tea, then there’s also the possibility that it could stain your teeth a brown color, similar to the caffeine within the drink.

Coffee – the positives

Oh, the positives of coffee! It has heaps of caffeine that helps us to stay awake during a long working day, it warms our bellies when we need some comfort, and it’s always there for us when we need it. The varieties of coffee are vast, from instant to fresh, from Americanos to cappuccinos, the sky’s the limit. If you take your coffee black and pure, then it has a very low calorie count, which is music to people’s ears these days since it seems like portion sizes are getting smaller and smaller these days.

Coffee vs. tea – the benefits and negatives of both

Coffee – the negatives

Sadly, there is a long and exhausting list of health issues that come with coffee from increased risk of heart troubles to serious sleep deprivation. Unfortunately, coffee actually contains much more caffeine than tea does, and the recommended coffee consumption is four cups a day, although many people consume much more.

As with anything, take your caffeinated beverages in moderation and consider the pros and cons of everything that goes into your body.