How good posture can make your whole day better

It’s been said time and time again how important posture is. And yes, it is indeed true. So your mom was right all along, sitting up straight is actually really good for you. If you’re feeling stressed, lacking confidence or even needing a little motivation, surprisingly, by changing the way you stand and sit you can say goodbye to those negative feelings and find a new you. Let’s see exactly how good posture can have a positive effect on your day.

How good posture can make your whole day better

What is good posture anyway?

According to physical therapist, Nina Strang, good posture is also known as neutral spine. She says that when the muscles around your spine are balanced, they are able to support your body equally. The correct way to sit is with your feet flat on the floor, and your back relatively straight. Your back has natural curves, so to sit up too straight is not a natural position to be in. Shoulders should be relaxed but pulled back with your ears lined up with your collarbones. When it comes to standing, the best way would be to stand with your knees slightly bent so as to not hyperextend the knee joint.

Can reduce stress

A study was done which showed that sitting up straight when you’re feeling stressed and under pressure can help push out those negative emotions and help you feel more relaxed. Sitting straight can ultimately enhance your mood and relieve stress, which in turn will lead to you having a good day.

Can prevent headaches

Poor posture can negatively affect your body in so many ways. One of these is that it causes tension headaches. The muscles at the back of your neck are under a lot of tension when you have bad posture, and this results in tension headaches. Getting through the day without any headaches is definitely a good enough reason to be more conscious about your posture.

Can prevent lower back pain

Slouching is definitely not a good way to sit or stand as it puts a lot of stress on your lower back.
By sitting up straight, you’re automatically eliminating the chances of lower backache. You could do some exercises to strengthen your core muscles so you can sit up straight. It’s good to remember that it’s not so easy to sit straight for long periods of time, so taking a break every 30 minutes or so can help you maintain a good sitting posture. Your days will definitely improve by simply sitting up straight.

How good posture can make your whole day better

It can give you an energy boost

Fatigue is a big issue with people in general. Your posture can combat fatigue and actually help you feel more energized. When your body is correctly aligned, your muscles won’t have to work harder and can be used the way they were meant to. This, in turn, results in an energy boost. You can do a simple exercise like twisting your torso which will activate and strengthen your abdominal muscles to help with good posture.
Now we can see that having good posture can be beneficial to your health and well-being and can improve your day. However, you can’t expect your body to stay in an optimum position all day, as your muscles get tired and that can cause pain instead of helping. So be conscious of your body, and identify when you need a break.