Health apps to download immediately

Hands up if you have your phone in your hand right now? There’s a high chance that most of you have your hands up because a large portion of you will be reading this on your phone! Because the people in our modern society are never without these gadgets on their person, it makes sense to make use of them. Instead of scrolling endlessly through social media or watching videos that have no impact on your life, why don’t you download these health apps instead? They can help you drastically improve your life, so get downloading!

My FitnessPal

If you’re trying to become more healthy in terms of your food and your exercise routine, My FitnessPal will certainly become your best pal. This app has been around for many years, and there’s a high chance that you’ve already heard of it. This tracking app allows you to keep on top of your day, week, and month in terms of what you eat and how much you exercise. You simply input what you eat (or scan the packaging using the QR code scanner), write down what exercises you have completed, and let the app do the rest of the work for you. It’s super easy to use, and many people have experienced impressive results from it.


Maintaining your health isn’t all about your physical health, because your mental health is also extremely important. If you want to maintain your happiness and keep your stress in check, it is definitely worth downloading Calm. This app offers one of the best ways to wind down at the beginning or the end of the day, as you can take part in guided meditation sessions, or just listen to relaxing sounds of animals and trickling waterfalls. You can even use this at work if you wanted to, to make sure you stay as healthy and happy as possible throughout the day.

Yoga Wake Up

If you’re not the kind of person to take themselves to the gym and take part in a two-hour workout before you get to the office, you might not know how to get your blood pumping. Well, the Yoga Wake Up app offers users the chance to start their day with a quick 10-minute yoga workout! Yoga has been known to have both physical and mental health benefits, and just ten minutes a day can drastically improve your wellbeing. If you complete this yoga wake-up as soon as you open your eyes, you’ll probably notice that you go about your day with a spring in your step.


Grocery shopping can be hard if you have a certain goal in mind. Choosing healthy and hearty foods is extremely difficult, but it doesn’t need to be. Fooducate is the only app you need by your side when you get to the grocery store because this app allows you to scan each item you wish to put into your cart, and then read up everything there is to know about it. From there, you can decide yourself whether it fits into your healthy lifestyle.

What are you waiting for? Download these apps now!