Things to consider replacing when moving into a new place

Moving home is a bittersweet life-changing event – on the one hand, it’s an exciting time for you to enjoy, but on the other hand, it’s an overwhelmingly stressful period of endless to dos that you don’t seem to have the time for.

However, once the new contracts are signed and the money officially goes through, it’s time to focus your time and energy into turning your new house into your personal homely haven. So first things first – replace the old with the new! It’s time for a fresh start…

The locks

This one might be the most obvious, but it’s also the most important. You never know who the previous owner may have given a key to, so for your own safety, it’s essential you get a locksmith to install new locks on each exterior door. Although you may think you’ll be perfectly fine, you should always make this your first step, even if it is just for peace of mind.


The color of the walls

Changing the color painted on the walls throughout your house will drastically transform the home more than you think. Even if you want to paint them the same or a similar color, it’s always best to give the walls a fresh lick of paint to make the home feel brand spanking new. It’s also good to do the ceilings, doors, baseboards, that kind of thing. This is an especially vital step if the colors are particularly vibrant – no one wants to live in a house with bright green walls – what on earth were the previous owners thinking?

The curtains

Although the curtains may have already been taken with them, the chances are they have remained due to them being specially tailored to the specific window size. Curtains or blinds may come in handy for the first few days, but you should always prioritize ordering new ones asap, especially if they’re dusty, grotty, or just generally not in very good condition. No one wants to live amongst someone else’s filth.

The flooring

Just like the drastic transformation of colored walls, the changing of the flooring can also make a massive difference to the entire interior appearance. Don’t get us wrong – not all flooring will need to be changed – you may have some beautiful original oak wood panels or expensive bathroom tiles that you want to stay. However, most carpets and other materials like vinyl will probably need to be replaced. Especially seeing as the floor is the one place that collects the most dirt.


Your address

This is one thing you’ll undoubtedly need to change, but have probably forgotten already. With so many other tasks and admin duties to carry out, you can often forget that your postal address details will need to be changed over too – especially with important amenities like your bank, doctors surgeries, insurance companies, etc. This is the boring part of moving home, but essential nonetheless!

The most efficient way to make sure you’ve done everything you should is to write yourself a checklist. There’s no doubt this is going to be a super busy and stressful time for you, but if you work your way down a list by ticking each item off, you’ll feel far more organized and ready to take on each challenging day head first. Moving house should be more enjoyable than it is demanding, so keep calm! Your house will become your new home before you know it.