This tiny house was 3d-printed in less than 48 hours

If someone would have told you ten years ago that printing would no longer be just about flat pieces of paper but entire, intricate 3D objects, would you have believed them? It started with basic things such as little 3D models, hinges, whistles, and even plastic cutlery, but now it’s even gone so far as a tiny house being 3D printed – and in just 48 hours!

This tiny house was 3d-printed in less than 48 hours

Tiny house

Tiny houses have become a huge thing this year (excuse the pun!) for those who want to live a simple, minimalist life. These small houses can measure between 100 and 400 square feet, and this 3D printed option is just 350 square feet. A tiny home is designed to have everything you need in a small space, and this version is no exception. The idea is that every space is used efficiently so that nothing is wasted, and creative storage solutions mean that you don’t have to get rid of everything you own to move in!

The house

Based in Austin, Texas, this is the very first permitted house made through 3D printing, and although 48 hours is impressive enough, it seems the printer has since been upgraded and wasn’t even running at full speed. So, it looks as though this process is going to get faster and more effective over the coming years.

The future

Created by ICON, a 3D printing construction company, and New Story, a non-profit company, this home is more than just a novelty concept. There are some amazing real-world applications for it. The technology of the printer used didn’t even exist until ICON and New Story teamed up, and now it’s ready to make some really important changes. Building these 3D printed tiny houses is a fraction of the cost of normal construction, which will make it more affordable to all, and with the speed of creation, these homes are a fantastic option for places such as Haiti, or other rural areas where power can be a little unpredictable for classic construction. There is also less waste, the buildings are resilient, and security is paramount too.

This tiny house was 3d-printed in less than 48 hours

A community

This home is just the start of the 3D printed home revolution. New Story and Icon are planning to create an entire community of these affordable yet stylish homes, which will help to cut down on levels of homelessness and the housing crisis. This specific house cost around $10,000 to build, but the plan is that there will be options that start at $4,000, which is incredible for such an amazing living space! Regular tiny houses tend to start from $25,000, so this is a huge saving. Even though residents will be paying a fraction of the cost of a regular home, they won’t have to compromise on comfort, style, or practicalities. The CEO of New Story, Brett Hagler, wants to work towards ending homelessness, and it seems that with this innovation, the two companies together are taking the right steps towards that.

On a surface level of appreciating technology, it’s super cool that a home can not only be created with a 3D printer but also that it only takes 48 hours. However when you understand the real-world implications of what this means for the homeless and underprivileged, it becomes even more incredible. This could absolutely revolutionize the construction market and make homes more affordable and accessible for underserved communities.