What are wool dryer balls and why is everyone obsessed with them

When it comes to household chores, people are looking for a way of reducing the time it takes to get things done, not to mention more effective methods. Well, doing your washing is no fun task, and trying to get them dry afterward is even less fun. Well, it turns out that someone somewhere decided enough was enough and came up with dryer balls, and we’ll explain precisely why they’re a fantastic addition to anyone’s drying routine.

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What they do

Before going out and purchasing a hundred boxes, it’s probably a good idea to know exactly why it is they do. Their main benefit is to speed up how quickly your wet washing dries. While it might not seem like a biggie right now, they can help you to avoid those irritating wet spots and help save you energy. They do this by bouncing around your dryer and making sure the wet items of clothing can’t stick together, making it harder to dry.

By bouncing around your dryer, they pull the wet clothes away from each other, which allows your dryer to become more aerated. This lets the hot air circulate more efficiently, and your washing dry far quicker.

How to use them

It’s effortless, all you need to do is order some dryer balls. Most people have recommended using Woolzies dryer balls, but any wool-based dryer balls would do the job. Both plastic and rubber dryer balls exist, but people have been put off by these because they’re believed to have some chemicals in them. If your preference is to remain au naturel, then wool dryer balls are for you.

All you need to do is find the wool balls you prefer, add them to your dryer load and let them work their magic. Don’t overload your dryer as otherwise, they won’t have the room they need to work correctly. Make sure you’re only drying a small to medium amount of clothing.

How long do they last

They last far longer than you might think, they’re not disposable, but they certainly don’t last forever. However, they do last a long time. They’re estimated at lasting for over 1000 loads, which roughly translates to between 2-5 years. This is because different households do different amounts of washing each week.

Tips and tricks

People prefer wool dryer balls compared to drying sheets and other such drying aids, this is because they’re all natural and don’t have any hidden chemicals in them. However, people like the fragrances that come with the chemicals, while wool dryer balls don’t have a scent, there is a way around it.

Wool dryer balls

Add essential oils

If you want, you can add essential oils to your dryer balls. Essential oils are incredibly potent, so you will only need a few drops, and it’ll make all the difference. It’s recommended that you use a non-heat setting for any dryer balls that have essential oils on them, so maybe have some for fragrancing and others for the drying. For the best results, make sure the oils have had at least twenty minutes so that the fragrance diffuses slowly. For these, if you want to dry your washing first and then add your fragranced balls on the non-heat setting for 10-20 minutes, your laundry will smell awesome.

These wool dryer balls have made the whole drying process a whole lot quicker and a whole lot nicer. They reduce the static, and they even help make your clothing less creased. You can find different brands available online.