8 self-care tips to never forget during your first job

Getting your first job is an incredible feeling. Finally, money is about to start rolling in, and the best thing is: it’s all yours! While getting your foot on the career ladder is a monumental moment, there are a few tips that will make sure you remember to take care of the most important thing: you.

Stay hydrated

One of the easiest things to do is forget to stay hydrated. It’s a simple aspect that is easy to overlook. The water cooler can be brilliant for gossip, but it also holds the source of life. Dehydration can lead to headaches and our brains not functioning at their best. By drinking around two liters of water a day, you’ll keep yourself healthy, and your mind happy!

Catch some zzz’s

Without enough sleep, you could soon find yourself struggling with the weekly grind. Coffee in the morning could help, but the short-term caffeine fix may not always have the full effect if you aren’t getting enough sleep. Getting a good sleeping pattern will help the week fly by, as well as making sure you’re ready for the workload that’s waiting for you.

Work besties

Relationships with your colleagues are like no other. Your new work friends will somehow learn all about your life as you spend a vast portion of your time with these new people. By making an office friend, they will be there when the times get tough, in addition to providing the support you may need when the work comes rolling in. Plus, they may have some tips on how they make life at the office more bearable!

Trying hard

Every day may not go according to plan. However, if you’re trying your best at all of your work tasks, then no one can ask any more of you. Making mistakes is just our way of learning, and next time the job may become easier. There is always tomorrow to make up for any letdowns your new career throws your way. Plus, with the bad days will always come the good ones.

Remember, you’re important

Getting your first job may mean you start further down the career ladder than you want to be. However, that doesn’t mean you are any less important than anyone else. Someone saw something they couldn’t wait to expand when they hired you, and it’s essential to remember this when you feel as though things aren’t going your way.

Getting up and at it

With all that extra money now rolling in, had you considered signing up for a gym membership? Exercise releases endorphins that will help to unwind after a long day at the office or set you up for the perfect day. If the gym isn’t your scene, then lunchtimes could be the perfect portion of the day to take a break and take in some fresh air. Exercise will also help to keep you healthy if you find yourself sitting down for long periods of the day.


Sometimes, you just need to leave all the stress of the office at the door and take your time at home to unwind. Completing idle tasks such as vacuuming or channel surfing could help to switch off your brain and prepare you for a good night’s sleep. It will do no good to keep yourself stressed all the time; getting away from work is vital to maintaining self-care.

Weekends are for fun

Soon you’ll get to learn about all the fun of a Friday feeling. Knowing the weekend is just around the corner can sometimes be all the push we need. By having something to look forward to, such as a weekend away or meeting up with friends, you have even more reason to make it to the end of the week. Plus, you’ll get to catch up on all the things you haven’t been able to do while you’re at work.

It’s easy to lose yourself to a new job as you want to climb up the ladder of success. However, you won’t be able to make it anywhere by working yourself into the ground. Life shouldn’t be boring, and there is no reason a job should make it feel that way. It’s a massive change, but it’s so worth it.