Best activities to do when you’re single

Being single is not as bad as most people would like to make it seem. You can focus on you; what you want, what you need, what you like, without having it compromised by what somebody else wants.

Being in a relationship calls for you to give up a lot of things mostly because you no longer have the time for them, or because it’s no longer just about you. That’s why when you’re single, you should take the time to work on yourself and explore your options. Whether you’ve just gotten out of a relationship or you’ve been single for a while, here’s a list of the best activities to do when you’re single.

Best activities to do when you’re single

Work on your hobbies

Since you have a lot of free time on your hands, this is the perfect time to work on things you like to do, perfect them, and ideally, find more new things to do. Give your creativity a jog by doing things you like to do just for fun. Write, paint, dance, go hiking, cook – the list is endless and it all depends on you. Develop that passion, an activity which you truly enjoy for yourself. In the end, you’ll be feeling good about yourself.

Try a new workout

Your workout routine is something which might fall behind when you’re in a relationship, mostly because of time constraints. When you’re single, get back to your exercise routine. Try new workouts for more motivation. Test out as many classes as you want and enjoy yourself while doing it.

Spend time with your family and friends

Being single means your time is no longer divided in half. You are no longer committed to accompanying your partner to social activities, visiting their parents, or date nights. This means that you can finally give your family and friends as much attention as you would like. This is the time you should seal those friendships that will last you a lifetime. After all, these are the people who will be there for you whenever you need them.


Take time to explore the adventurous, wild, and daring side of you. See new cities, visit new countries. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and it’ll give you lots of interesting stories to tell later. It will also help you become more independent. Venturing into a new place where you know no one means you have to be in complete control of everything you do. You’ll learn to rely on yourself. Don’t forget there’s the added fun of meeting new people, learning about other religions, cultures and generally having a good time.

Best activities to do when you’re single

Sign up for a class

Learning something new is fun, and you can never run out of new things to try. If one thing doesn’t work out for you, dabble in the next! Take painting classes, dance classes, or even learn a new language. You might discover a hidden talent along the way.

Learn to cook

Being busy means that you might be stuck with restaurant food and take out. Or maybe you simply do not really know your way around the kitchen. Grab a cook book, an apron, and put all that free time into good use. There’s a lot of fun and satisfaction in being able to whip up your own meals from scratch. Explore as many recipes as you want and make a mess. And the best part is that you’ll have something delicious to eat when you’re done.