Why being close to your cousins in your 20s makes life better

Family reunions are a great chance to catch up with all those relatives that you may have forgotten existed. But why should a catch up be restricted to a few times a year? Being close with your cousins could be a lot better for you than you ever thought possible.

The friend/family line

Friends are there for us more than most others ever are, and provide some of the greatest memories imaginable. On the other hand, family will often defend each other into the ground no matter what. By combining the two, you have a bestie and bodyguard for life. What could be better than having a two in one?

Why being close to your cousins in your 20s makes life better

That inside knowledge

It’s no surprise your cousins know you so well; they literally grew up in the same family. So when you’re moaning about a relative and they reply with “same”, they really aren’t joking. This means they know all your inner secrets, even if your mom wasn’t supposed to blab. If they are still there at the end of it all, then you know your cousin is there for life.

Honesty policy

One of the unwritten rules of hanging out with family is you can be brutally honest without too much worry. Honesty can be incredibly hard throughout life, especially when it comes to friends. However, having a best friend that has already crossed the genuinely honest stage takes away any issues. No longer will you have to walk around with that food in your teeth or toilet tissue on your shoe.

Personal level

Let’s be honest; sometimes we just want someone to talk to about even the most intimate parts of our lives. Cousins are family so there is far less judging than by anyone else that may find out your secrets. Plus, it can be great having someone to turn to for advice about anything that might be bothering you. When it comes to family, there are no rules about what conversation is too much.

Why being close to your cousins in your 20s makes life better

Welcome to adulthood

Trying to come to terms with being an adult can be tough. The responsibilities, the change, and trying to figure out who you’re meant to be – how does anyone do this?! Having a cousin by your side means you can grow up surrounded by family as well as having someone to turn to when the going gets tough. You could even find that maturing brings you closer than you ever thought possible.

Who are you?

It can be hard to remember your roots when on the journey to adulthood, especially as all the changes start to creep in. So having a member of your family by your side every step of the way gives the perfect reminder of those family bonds. Cousins will always be there to bring you back to your roots no matter what crops up along the path of life.

Cousins are great, and there are plenty of reasons they make the perfect best friends. It looks like blood really is thicker than water after all. Being in your 20s can be tough, why make it harder when you can have your cousin by your side?