How to communicate with your partner better and improve your relationship

Lack of proper communication is a leading factor in many relationship failures. It’s impossible for two people to stay together if they cannot fully express themselves to each other. Inadequate communication leads to feelings of discontent. Good communication on the other hand keeps two people in sync. This is because they are able to relate to each other at a deeper level where they understand how they think and the things they care about.

Opening up isn’t always easy, however. Some people may find it hard to express themselves to their partners, leaving gaping holes in relationships. Here, we’ll look at some of the ways you can communicate with your partner better and improve your relationship.



When someone wants to communicate, they want to be listened to. Listening to your partner doesn’t simply mean hearing what they’re saying. You have to show that you’re really paying attention to what they’re saying, and you should strive to understand them and where they’re coming from. When you pretend to listen and they tell you something important which they later realise you didn’t really hear, they’ll doubt your concern for their feelings. You may disagree with what they’re saying, but make sure to let them talk first before you express your feelings.

Do not judge

Listening to your partner’s views or concerns with a certain perception in mind will likely sour your relationship. When you give off a judgemental air when they’re confessing or revealing things to you, there are high chances that they will never want to talk to you about things that matter to them anymore. When you communicate with your partner, put yourself in their shoes and that will help you react in a more deserving manner.

Talk about yourself

Communication is a two way traffic. If your partner shares their thoughts with you, share yours too. Talking with each other gives you both a better understanding of the other person. When you talk, you’re able to address the insecurities in your mind and any other negative thoughts you may be having. Keeping things in your mind, especially thoughts about your relationship may cause you to make wrong assumptions about the other person. Here, apply the rule that you never know until you ask.


Engage in small talk

Good and effective communication does not necessarily mean some deep emotional talk sessions where you both bare your hearts to each other. In fact, small talk has the capability to create more bonds than serious emotionally charged conversations. Small talk means that you’ll talk to your partner about their interests such as TV shows, sports, books or general things such as the weather or trending news. These kinds of conversations allow the two of you to know each other better where you understand what their beliefs, ambitions and motivations are. Knowing this, relating to them gets easier and the relationship grows stronger each day.

If you realise your partner has trouble communicating, give them time and make them see that you’re ready to listen whenever they’re ready to talk. A relationship where you can trust each other and let the other know of what you’re going through is bound to be strong.