Dreams often have meaning- Here is how to interpret them

When we lay down our heads on our pillows at night we do so in a specific state of consciousness. What happens after we close our eyes, however, is reliant entirely on our subconsciousness.

Sometimes we can get through the night without having dreamed at all and sometimes we wake up in the morning thinking of the events that had unfolded during our slumber. We are either left with a faint recollection, like a distant memory, or complete clarity, because it just felt so real. Moments after waking up, the vast array of snapshots all-encompassing of our dreams either fade away into nothingness, leaving us only with the knowledge that we had a dream but not quite remembering exactly what it was all about. Other times we are left to ponder throughout the remainder of the day. Some dreams are relatively insignificant. Others however, may carry meaning. For those of you who believe that dreams aren’t just any random sequence of events and who seek to find a deeper meaning, below you can find a list of ways on how to interpret your dreams. Bearing in mind, however, that dreams are very much up to the dreamer’s interpretation and certain significant findings carry a different meaning for everyone.

Dreams often have meaning- Here is how to interpret them

1. Write it all down

As soon as you wake up, pick up a pen and a piece of scrap paper and write it all down. It’s not often that when we dream we end up getting the full story, but merely bits and pieces here and there. First and foremost, it is important to write down all the facts because it would make your efforts somewhat redundant if you happen to forget any of the essentials. Secondly, our brains will automatically try and fill in the blanks to try and create a clearer picture thereby altering the reality of what we actually remember from our dreams.

2. Common things occur commonly

Once you have a bit of a dream journal going, start to look for any recurrences. You might find that the aspects of your dreams that occur frequently might actually be what carry significant meaning. Think of it as a focus point for your mind to build an alternate reality around.

3. Feelings

Make a note of how you felt during the dream. Emotions tend to be exaggerated in dreams and this is most likely because you have no conscious control over how you are feeling. Fear becomes crippling and happiness becomes euphoria.

Dreams often have meaning- Here is how to interpret them

4. Who was there?

It is a well-documented fact that your brain cannot imagine faces all on its own. Every single person you see in your dreams has to be someone you have come across before. Some of the people in your dreams may be people you know well. Others may be people who you probably wouldn’t even recognize if you walked past them in the street.

Humans are all different and we are all wired differently. We all have a different perspective on life and think in a different way. There are certain dreams that seem to resonate with us all, for example, dreams about falling or dreams about being chased which could be interpreted in a similar way. The same dream for anybody else however, could also be interpreted differently and it is for this reason why we shouldn’t put too much truth to interpretation.