Facts about Carole Middleton, Kate Middleton’s mom

We all know Kate Middleton and Pippa Middleton across the world, but who raised these two poised superstars? Carole Middleton is responsible for the grace and elegance of these two ladies. So, here’s what you need to know about the mother of the girls taking the world by storm.

She was an air hostess

With a look of timeless beauty and a beautiful smile, Carole landed a job at British Airways. This is where she met Michael Middleton – at the time, a flight dispatcher – and the two instantly clicked. In 1980, they were on cloud nine as they tied the knot in Buckinghamshire. The wedding was a luxurious event as Michael is the grandson of an aristocrat and is a multi-millionaire from family trust funds.

Facts about Carole Middleton, Kate Middleton’s mom

She is a successful entrepreneur

In 1987, Carole opened up a decoration and party supply company. She called it Party Pieces. It is still open to this day, with a mail-order system. They sell everything from balloons to decoration kits. The idea came to her while she was pregnant with her third child, James, as she had always battled with her own children’s’ parties. It quickly became a huge part of Kate and Pippa’s childhood as they worked for the company in their spare time.

She is 64 years old

Carole was born in 1955 on the 31st of January. Her mother’s name was Dorothy and her father’s name was Ronald. Her maiden name was Goldsmith. Carole’s father was a builder. He also had a brother at age 10 named Gary. The family had humble beginnings, living in a council flat in Southall. She is also very brainy, having achieved four A-levels. She had the brains but not the funds to go to college, which is how she landed up getting a job in hospitality.

She has royalty in her blood

She is a descendant of King Edward IV, who was King of England in the 19th century. This makes Carole a distant cousin of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother. It’s no surprise that Carole has a regal air about her. Despite this, she remains humble with friends describing her as warm and kind.

She is now a grandmother

Kate and William have three children – Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. Pippa also has a child named Arthur Matthews. As a proud grandmother, Carole even allowed her grandchildren to come into the family business as Prince George has his own cake design in Party Pieces. It is Lion King themed, for the future King’s favorite film.

Facts about Carole Middleton, Kate Middleton’s mom

She wants to stay close to her children

Carole has admitted that her biggest fear is her children growing up and the family growing apart. While we understand this fear, it’s evident that this isn’t the case at all. She is seen often with her daughters and although her son isn’t reported on much, we are sure that he gets just as much motherly love. She attends royal events to stay in touch with her family as much as possible and Kate and William even bunked Royal Christmas to spend time with her.

We can all learn a little from Carole as more than a mother of famous sisters. She is stylish, successful, and remains humble through it all. It is no wonder why her daughters are filled with ambition.