Great places to follow your passions in retirement

We have worked our whole lives to reach retirement at a good age and with enough money to live comfortably for the rest of our days. Now it’s time to figure out where we will spend those precious golden years of our lives. It’s time to live life to the fullest and enjoy the spoils of all that hard work. Fortunately, the U.S has some of the best places in the world to retire in. Places that are full of activities to fuel our passions and like-minded people to enjoy them with. Today we bring you our list of the top places to follow your passions in retirement.

Austin, Texas

With a population of 95,0000 and the average price of a home at $369,000, Austin, Texas is a beautiful place to live. The city is home to dozens of golf courses and boasts a wide variety of water-based and land-based activities. The air quality is fantastic with relatively low pollution and there are plenty of physicians available in all areas of the city. The only drawback to this city is the crime rate, which is slightly above average, and the higher cost of living.

Great places to follow your passions in retirement

Los Angeles, California

The beautiful city of angels has been a popular spot to retire in for many years. The city will keep you feeling young with all that it has to offer. Colleges offer discounts on selected studies for senior citizens and there is a wide variety of land and water activities for those who are willing. The most active among us will enjoy the city’s easy access for walking and biking. An array of world-class restaurants will never leave us hungering for more in this top-notch city. But no city is perfect. The crime rate is slightly above average and the cost of living isn’t too cheap. Los Angeles has a population of 4 million and the median house price is $686,000.

Las Vegas, Nevada

For those who are healthy, active, and enjoy the heat, Las Vegas would be perfect. The sunny Nevada desert has plenty to offer in terms of activities with the great weather allowing for a variety of water and land activities to be available all year round. Award-winning chefs and oodles of entertainment are what awaits in this booming town. There is no state or inheritance tax and the cost of living is pretty decent. The population is sitting at 2 million and the median house price is $27,800. The cons of living here include a higher than average crime rate, poor air quality, and a lack of physicians per capita.

Great places to follow your passions in retirement

Fayetteville, Arkansas

For the quiet types who enjoy the simple pleasures in life and even continuing to learn, there’s no better place than Fayetteville, Arkansas. Renowned for its natural wild beauty, this city boasts a low cost of living, free tuition for senior citizens at the University of Arkansas, good air quality, and adequate physicians per capita. The population is at 85,000 and the average price for a home is $21,9000. The only downside to this town is the crime rate which is slightly above average.

Finding the right place to set down those final roots is a major step and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. We suggest taking a detailed tour of your chosen destination before making that all-important decision.