Ideas for a fun night in with your friends

Going out can be great fun, you can have a dance and generally let your hair down. However, sometimes all you need after a long day is a night in with your pals. This doesn’t have to be boring though, in fact it can be far from it. These ideas may mean you decide to favor a fun night in, to a busy night out!

Dinner night

Everybody loves homemade food. It is the biggest comfort most of us experience. Do you know what’s also good about cooking for yourself? It’s a lot cheaper than eating out, especially if you split the ingredients between a group of friends. There are so many recipes out there that cater to everyone’s different dietary requirements. You could also make it a competition. If three of you decide to cook, one could be assigned to the starter, one to the main, and one to the dessert. The other people in your group could then decide who made the best food! The possibilities are endless when holding a dinner party.

Ideas for a fun night in with your friends

Pizza party

Dinner parties can be a bit of a hassle. People are expected to dress up, and then also cook. If this isn’t really what you’re looking for, why not try a pizza party instead? Get your friends over, but remember to tell them to wear their coziest PJs. Next up, make the pizza. Flour costs next to nothing and everyone can decide their favorite toppings. However, don’t be afraid to order takeout, your friends will appreciate that just as much.

Movie night

This may seem like a bit of a cliche idea, but hear us out. You can incorporate so much into a fun movie night. Get your favorite snacks together, or order takeout. Make sure you get your friends to wear their comfies, because they are going to want to be extra comfy for this night in. You could even try and make a pillow fort to watch the movie in. Not every movie night needs to be the same, so try and mix it up.

Games night

Board games are a sure winner for everyone. Who doesn’t love them? Go back to your mom and dad’s house to grab some of your old childhood favorite games, and smuggle them back to yours. You could also consider buying a set of cards or invest in a newer game for yourself. Either way, everyone will love a games night. We recommend you leave the monopoly at home, though. That game only ever seems to end in fights, and that is the last thing you want for a friendly night in.

Ideas for a fun night in with your friends

Clothes swap

You’ve probably got clothes tucked away that you haven’t worn for years. Or you’ve bought clothes, never worn them, but couldn’t be bothered to return them. Don’t worry; everyone’s the same. That is why a clothes shop evening is so much fun. Get all your friends together, and ask them to bring along a bunch of clothes they don’t wear anymore. Then comes the fun bit. Place all the clothes in a pile, and all have a rummage. Pick out the things you want to keep and watch as your friends also pick up things to take home. This is a great way of having a bit of a clear out, while also getting together with your friends. It’ll be a unique experience, to say the least.

Seeing your friends doesn’t always have to involve a big night out, as we’ve seen here. Spending time together can just be having a chat over a muffin in the evening. Hopefully, these ideas will open your mind up to things you can do with your friends during a fun night in.