How to know if he’s “The One”

With the countless failing marriages and agonizing breakups that we constantly hear about, the prospect of starting a relationship with someone can be extremely frightening. One wrong alliance can end up skewing your entire perspective about romantic relationships and leave you deeply distressed about life in general. However, the fear of failure should not deter you from allowing yourself to fall in love again.

The key to a meaningful and lasting relationship is understanding who you are and determining whether or not your potential lover is the right companion for you. Here is a list of simple ways in which you can decide whether you should take the plunge or let this one pass.

How to know if he’s “The One”

Notice how you feel around him

One of the best ways of identifying whether a guy is “the one” for you or not is to determine how he makes you feel in his presence. Healthy relationships arise out of mutual respect and consideration for each other’s likes, dislikes, passions and goals in life. You must be able to project your true self in front of him and not be hesitant to reveal your imperfections that define your individuality. Being with the right guy should only make you feel stronger and ready to take on the world.

Trust exists

Trust forms the foundation of any relationship and is a critical element that keeps couples going strong in the face of adversity. It is only when the two of you are genuinely committed to each other that there will there be mutual trust in the relationship. You must be able to trust this guy with your life to truly ascertain that he is indeed the right match for you. However, if he gives you a reason to constantly obsess over his call log or follow up with his friends, you should probably take a second look at your relationship.

There are no mind games

Unnecessary drama and mind games can kill any relationship. That being said, you must have a mature and drama-free relationship with your man based on mutual respect and understanding. The right guy will make sincere efforts of maintaining a peaceful relationship where there is no room for manipulation, lies or deceit. There should not be any out of control fights or threats of self-harm and you should feel absolutely secure with him around. While arguments are a part of every normal relationship, things should never get ugly to the level of a potential breakup.

How to know if he’s “The One”

He is your best friend

One of the most important characteristics to note in a budding relationship with a guy is whether or not he is capable of becoming your friend first. A great friend can always translate to a great lover and become your singular most powerful support system in life.

He doesn’t want to change you

While all of us keep improving and transforming into better versions of ourselves throughout our lifespan, it should be more of a natural process than one arising out of constant criticism. And although he might inspire you to become a better person, the right guy will never make you feel inadequate and will always love you for who you are.