Know if you’re stuck in a relationship

As much as the movies would like to convince us otherwise, the honeymoon phase of any relationship just does not last forever. At some point, you will look around and realize that you are in a rut, and you have to decide whether this is temporary, or a sign that the relationship has run its course. Here are some indications of these ruts and what they mean.

You’re not excited to spend time together

Flashback to when you first started dating, and all you want to do is spend time together, even if you’re doing nothing at all. Suddenly, however, you find yourself not looking forward to your time together – not dreading it, of course, that’s a sign that something is very wrong, but just not feeling excited about it. It’s time to shake things up if you want this relationship to last. Make an effort to do new things and treat each other as if you’ve just started dating, and hopefully this will help you reconnect.

How to know if you’re stuck in a relationship

You’re texting more than you talk

If your texts to them are mostly about picking up milk, or scolding them for leaving the wet towels on the floor (again!), it’s a sign that things are heading south. When you get into bed, do you talk about your day or your dreams like you used to, or do you browse the internet on your phone? It’s easy to get into a habit like that, but it’s not always the best for a healthy relationship. Communication is key, and talking beats texting!

You aren’t sure whether the grass really is greener

If you find yourself wondering what it would be like to be single for a while, to play around with dating apps or to be with someone else, this could be a sign that something is wrong. If the thoughts are casual and fleeting and end with you deciding you have it best then you’re probably fine, but if they are recurring, it might be time to evaluate whether you are happy in this relationship.

You are comparing your relationship

Social media makes us all particularly guilty of this – we see the sweet gestures that other people do for one another, the cute pictures and the amazing adventures, and feel jealous that we don’t have that. Of course, it is important to remember that we only ever show the best bits of our lives on social media and you never know what is going on behind closed doors. As hard as it may be, make a conscious effort to ignore these posts and focus more on your own relationship and showing love to each other offline.

How to know if you’re stuck in a relationship

You’re no longer feeling the passion

If things in the bedroom have gotten a little boring or stale, it could be a sign that you are stuck in a rut. Sometimes you need to make an effort to break out of the monotony of routine and spice things up a little – and have fun doing it!

It’s all too easy to stay in a relationship for the wrong reason or to give up when things get hard. Take some time to think about, and talk about, your relationship, and hopefully, you will make the right choice.