How to “let go” of things that you’re heavily invested in

Life throws some curve-balls sometimes, and things don’t always pan out like we thought they would. If you’re heavily invested in something and it doesn’t work out how you’d hoped, then you might find yourself in a situation where you have to let go. The big question is, how do you let go of something you’re heavily invested in?

You’re responsible for your own happiness

When you’re heavily invested in something and are emotionally dependent on outside factors, it means that you ultimately rely on these for your happiness. It’s crucial to know that you’re responsible for your own happiness and you need to take full responsibility for moving forward when something important in your life has ended.

How to “let go” of things that you’re heavily invested in

How to let go

Ask yourself some questions which can help you in the process of letting go. Questions like, what are you holding on to and why is the first step. Does holding on make you happy? Are you holding on to what was, what could be, or what is right now? Are you afraid to mourn a loss and feel the void that’s left behind? Is the uncertainty of the future holding you back? Can you truly ever let go? If so, how do you do it? Answers to such questions can help you find some clarity in your situation and in moving forward. Be honest and allow yourself to fully feel the pain, grief, anger, hurt, and disappointment because without this crucial step you’ll always be stuck in the past.

Give yourself time to grieve

There’s no time limit when it comes to grief, so don’t give yourself a timeline. This will only put more pressure on you and it won’t help the healing process. Having said that, this process shouldn’t take years, because then it means you’re still heavily invested and you haven’t truly let go. This will, in turn, affect any future possibilities of either a new relationship, job, or a new situation. Trust, being yourself, and creating new healthy life choices will become difficult.

How to “let go” of things that you’re heavily invested in

Positive about the future

Focusing on the positives can help you heal and rebuild self-worth and confidence. Avoid wallowing and pushing those closest to you away. Make the time to be around people who will lift your spirits and bring some sunshine into your life. Put yourself first, do things that make you happy, and allow yourself to be a little selfish. Embrace change, reassess your priorities, and open yourself up to new possibilities. Take chances and try new things, even if they don’t work out, at least you’re putting yourself out there. If you have any mementos that are constant reminders of what ended and what was lost, then get rid of them. Burn those letters and photos, give away that soft toy, donate those books, whatever it may be, just let those go.

Letting go of something that played an important role in your life is never easy, whether it’s a job, a relationship or a stage in life that has ended. The process of letting go can be extremely difficult and painful, no matter how necessary it is. Accepting that what once was, is now over is grieving a loss. However, the grieving process is essential for closure, which will help you accept what happened and transition from what ended to something new. Free yourself and let go!