Living your best life isn’t always living your easiest life

Everybody has a picture of some sort in their mind of how they would like their life to be. This includes things they would love to do, the kind of jobs they would like to have, the kind of family they desire to raise. Many people get to live life that is just like, or very close to how they wanted.

Your Best life could mean getting the degree you always wanted, living in your dream house, driving a car you love and being free of worries to do with finances, health matters or your position in the society. As many successful people would testify, getting to live your best life isn’t always easy.

To get all the things you want and to be able to keep them is not a walk in the park. Some of the things that you’ll have to go through in order to achieve your best life include:



Change is almost always uncomfortable, and not the best experience, especially when you think you’re okay with your current situation. Sometimes in life change is inevitable, especially when you want to reach for the bigger things. To make it, you’ll have to be ready to get tossed out of your comfort zone more times than one and get used to new conditions.


Good things don’t come easy. Getting to live your best life means you’ll have to make a lot of sacrifices. You’ll work long hours, have almost non-existent you-time and give up some personal relationships. Achieving a good level of success in life requires maximum discipline and commitment.


Anxiety is a normal part of life, but it becomes a limiting factor when you have too many obligations to meet. A lot of things to take care of directly translates to a lot of worry and uncertainty. Getting all your bills paid, your mortgage covered and your car payments on time will take up as much mental strain as physical strain. You’ll usually be thinking of ways to achieve those financial goals and any inconsistencies in your level of income will pave way for stress.


You’re always busy

If not, then you’re always almost busy. There’s a reason why billionaires wake up at the crack of dawn and burn the midnight oil. They already have everything they desire, but they know that to keep it, they have to keep working harder and harder. To sustain your best life, you’ll need to stay at the top of your game and never relent. This will result in you always being at work and having little to no time for other relaxing activities.


It’s easy to forget that you’re also important when you’re busy chasing what you think is important to you. When you’re busy chasing your dreams, you spend less and less time taking care of your mental and physical needs. This may later lead to health conditions that lowers the quality of your life. In this case, living your best life becomes a struggle.