How to make long-distance relationships work

Long distance relationships aren’t easy. Not getting to spend time with your significant other very often can make it extremely difficult to keep the love alive. Fortunately, with the way that technology has developed, being away from your partner is no longer the death sentence that it used to be. While it’s still a struggle to work through some of the kinks, we’ve found five great tips that should help you deal with these issues and keep your relationship together.

Be vocal

When you’re in a long distance relationship, the only way you can really connect with one another is by talking. Whether it’s over the phone or on a video call, hearing and/or seeing your partner is a great way to feel that they’re close by. This kind of link can’t be formed through text or email, because it isn’t personal enough. If people say that breaking up with someone by text is the worst way to end a relationship, why would it be the best way to keep a relationship together?

How to make long-distance relationships work

Not only do you need to keep up vocal communication with your partner, but you also need to express any problems that you’re having. Think of it as feedback. You can’t improve anything if you don’t know what isn’t working. Staying quiet about the difficulties your facing will only put a strain on your partnership.

Connect in new ways

There’s only so much you can do when distance is keeping you apart from your significant other, but technology can actually help you bridge the gap a lot easier. You don’t just have to talk to each other on the phone. Try watching the same movie or TV show on a video chat together, so that you can share the experience. It’ll be like you’re actually together, and will also give you more to talk about.

Surprise each other

Being in a long distance relationship requires an extra level devotion on your part to show that you still care. It’s hard to know if the partnership is still going strong when you only talk on the phone for an hour or two a day. Try and surprise your partner with unexpected gifts every now and then. They don’t have to be expensive, but the occasional present will do a lot to show that you care. Consider sending them over a book or film if they’re in need of something new to read or watch, especially if they mention wanting anything specific.

How to make long-distance relationships work

Find time to be yourself

If you’re separated from the person you love, you can’t spend all your time apart pining over them. If anything, you should be making the most of being away from them to grow as a person and find yourself. Spend time with friends, focus on your studies, try out something you’ve always wanted to… do what you want! Every person needs to have a life that exists outside of their relationship, and this is your opportunity to make one. Plus, it will give you more to talk about when you do speak to your partner again.


Long distance relationships are hard, and that’s a fact you need to accept. If there are problems at first, don’t worry about it. That’s perfectly normal, and if it’s meant to be then you’ll work through the difficulties. If you spend all your time apart worrying that your relationship is going to end, then you’re not giving it a chance to succeed. Just relax and trust in your love for each other.

We’d all prefer to have our significant other by our side rather than miles away, but sometimes we don’t have a say in how our relationships pan out. As long as you keep these tips in mind, your relationship should stay perfectly strong, no matter the distance.