Minimalism vs. maximalism – which should win out?

One minute it’s all about having as little as possible in our homes; the next, it’s time to cram every corner full of textures, patterns, and clutter. Gah – what are we meant to do anymore?! We can’t keep up with it all. It’s time to go head to head. Minimalism vs. maximalism – which should?

What is minimalism?

Minimalism is more than just a style choice – it’s an entire lifestyle that is said to help declutter and free people’s minds. In our homes, minimalist styles are clutter free with everything having a place in the house. No longer are the sides plastered with junk mail or food. They are all put neatly out of sight. Plus, minimalist styles tend to opt for neutral color schemes, such as gray, brown, or cream. To live a minimalist lifestyle, it’s all about the quality of the products you own and not the quantity. Instead, depth is created with different textures of furniture, such as fluffy rugs, layered lampshades, or textured wooden cupboards.

What is maximalism?

Maximalism is all about cramming in as many different textures, colors, and patterns into one room while still making sure the room comes together as a whole. It isn’t about cluttering up the home with random junk, but maximalism is instead bringing life to the different areas of your home. One way maximalists do this is by adding in features that bring them joy and happiness, such as colors, hobbies, or trinkets from your travels. Being a maximalist usually means you start with a base, such as brightly colored walls, before building up the room piece by piece. All of a sudden, you could find yourself standing in a room brimming with life.

The pros and cons of minimalism

Of course, minimalism can seem like a calming space for many. There is no clutter to keep you distracted, and it can be a lot easier to clean. However, opting for a minimalist space can also come with its downfalls. It can be hard to keep tidy and neat as one thing out of place can throw off the entire look. Plus, some people feel as though the colors can make a house feel cold and lacking character.

The pros and cons of maximalism

Maximalism is perfect for anyone that loves lots of colors, as well as showing off all their collections from over the years. Unfortunately, it isn’t for everyone. In fact, it can be hard to keep everything looking tidy as there is so much going on in every part of the room. Then again, this could work to many people’s advantage. Plus, some find it difficult to concentrate or relax in a maximalist home as the decor around them clutters their mind.

What wins – minimalism or maximalism?

Well, there still might not be a single answer to the question. Minimalist styles are perfect for those looking to live the Instagram life thanks to the simplicity in the background. Plus, everything always goes with everything else. On the other hand, maximalism is brilliant for anyone that loves to have a home popping with stories and excitement in every part of the room. It’s all about discovering how your mind works and what helps you relax. If it’s looking at all your memories every day, then maybe maximalism is the way forwards. If having space and blank walls is more your way to declutter your mind, it could be worth giving minimalism a try.

It can be impossible to choose a style, especially when there are so many advantages to both different types. Although they might be on opposite ends of the scale, it looks as though minimalism and maximalism could both offer up their unique advantages to anyone looking for a home makeover.