Reasons why it’s important to read to your kids

Reading aloud is, without a doubt, one of the most important things we can do for our children. It has masses of benefits and not one negative; besides, of course, reading The Enormous Crocodile by Roald Dahl six times a month gets boring for us, but never for our little ones. We all know how good reading is for our children’s minds and education, but reading aloud for them is as beneficial as getting them to read alone.

Connecting with characters

Reading to children allows them to understand different lifestyles. Some characters might give them a wider view of the world, while others can help them to understand themselves. For this reason, it’s especially important to read a wide range of books with a plethora of characters. For example, a book about a disabled child can help able children understand the struggles others face, while it can be inspirational for similar disabled kids. It can also open a door for you to speak about important issues. It offers a perfect opportunity to talk about the world, other people, cultures, and emotions.

Reasons why it’s important to read to your kids

Something to talk about

Sometimes, children just don’t feel like talking. We might have run out of conversation, they may not be fully interested, but in reading to your children, you’ve always got a conversation starter. It’s easy to get your kid’s attention and interest by discussing something that happened in the book you’re reading together or asking for their opinions on one of the characters. You can ask about what they think will happen next, what they want to happen, what book they want to read next, or what their favorite book has been so far. Books can get anyone talking!

Fuel their imagination

Books are one of the best ways to get your kids thinking creatively. As well as just imagining what’s happening, you can turn their imagination into an activity. They can draw what they think a character looks like or design their own alternate ending. No matter how you choose to channel your child’s imagination, reading aloud can definitely inspire them to think outside the box. You could even get them reading a character, while you do another, so they get to create the voice, as well as improving their reading ability.

Quality time

If nothing else, reading to your child is a perfect bit of quality time spent together. Reading is usually a peaceful and quiet time and so can be ideal for a bit of parent-child bonding. Your child is sure to appreciate the time you devote to them, and you could even learn something new about your child from what they like to read or a character they identify with.

Reasons why it’s important to read to your kids

Reading alone and at school does wonders for your child, but reading to them can have some incredible effects, too. Generally, kids love being read to because it’s often easier for them to listen, rather than decipher different words on their own, yet it still boosts their confidence, knowledge, and creativity. Don’t stop reading to your kids at age seven (or eight, or nine), read to them as long as they’ll allow!