How to stay healthy during summer

The sun is out and now’s the chance to wake up earlier and start enjoying the day, right? Although we get to enjoy more daylight hours, it can be hard to stay healthy during summer. After all, the temptation of ice cream, iced frappes, and pool parties can be enough to tempt us to the dark side. Thankfully, there are ways to stay healthy during summer without taking away from your fun in the sun.

Keep topped up with SPF

Your skin is your largest organ. Perhaps it’s time we start to look after it? Although the summer gives us a chance to get our tan on, lying in the sun can also throw up plenty of dangers. Using sunscreen doesn’t mean you won’t get to tan, but it will help protect you from developing skin cancer or prematurely aging skin. The lighter your skin, the higher the SPF you should use. Just don’t forget to reapply every few hours!

How to stay healthy during summer

Make sure to hydrate

Drinking enough water is essential all year round, but it’s even more important during the summer months. The heat can mean we get dehydrated even quicker, especially if we are up and active. It’s important to carry water wherever you go to avoid overheating. Just make sure you use a container that is safe if left in a hot car for too long. Plus, working up a sweat could mean you need even more water than usual. Now it’s more important than ever to keep your fluid levels up.

Take in vitamin D

The sun doesn’t have to be the enemy. In fact, many of us could have a vitamin D deficiency without even knowing it. After all, vitamin D is essential for healthy bones, reducing depression, and fighting diseases. One of the best ways to make sure we are topped up with all the essential vitamins we need is to make sure we get out in the sun. 10 minutes two to three times a week could be all we need to make sure we get our weekly dose of the good stuff.

How to stay healthy during summer

Prepare for allergies

It’s thought that a quarter of us suffer from hay fever. These allergies can be the undoing of our summer as the sneezing, and watery eyes aren’t always the best look we’ve been after. Have no fear; it looks as though we could be in for some help. Antihistamines are many people’s first choice for fighting their allergies. However, avoiding spicy food, while loading up on vitamin C can both naturally help beat any reactions.

Heal from within

More sunshine hours can be the perfect excuse to get up and active for the day. The summer can be the ideal chance to get healthy from within. The sunrises and sunsets a picturesque backdrop for some meditation or simple breathing exercises. Not only will it help you set up for or unwind from the day, but this could also help to keep you healthy from within. Meditation helps reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and can even slow the aging process.

There are so many ways to stay healthy during summer it’s hard to know where to begin. The changing of the season can mean more than just plenty more flowers and greenery on offer; it’s a chance to change our lives with these healthy lifestyle habits under the heat of the sun.