When taking a healthy break from a friend can be good for the friendship

There are all kinds of people out there, which means there are all kinds of friendships too. Many people get caught up in what they believe friendship should be like, which can impact on how you behave and react with people. There are some people we want to be around all the time, spending every waking moment and becoming besties, but then we have those friends we see once every few months.

Of course, you might be the kind of person who has one or two close friends, or the kind who enjoys having an abundance of different people in their life. However you manage your friendships, it can sometimes be a breath of fresh air to take some time away from a friend.

Photo: BURST

Sometimes you need your space

Having space, and taking a moment to get everything together can really help you find yourself. Sometimes we can get lost into friendships and begin picking up aspects of them and forgetting ourselves. Maintaining individuality is crucial in life in general, and those individualities are what made you friends in the beginning. Put your cell down and focus on yourself.

Tensions can run high

Like with any relationship, sometimes you disagree. Rather than allowing it to fester and destroy a good friendship, take some time out to calm down, think about what happened before addressing it. Once you’ve taken the time away, you may find that it wasn’t worth getting upset over, or at the very least reacting to, and it is probably more productive to let it go.

You lead different lives

Whether they’re old high school friends or a colleague who upgraded to ‘friend’ status, you lead different lives. After a while, and with social media amplifying the ability to publicize, it can become hard finding stuff to relate to and to talk about. If you have a break, then you can both reunite with new stories and a fresh feeling.

Photo: BURST

They’re not the easiest to talk to

Friends come in many ways, but there are also the friends who we try to compare our lives with, and if a particular friend is doing very well, you may be questioning yourself on your own. Sometimes it’s good to reflect on your life, but comparing yourself to others doesn’t usually end well. If you give yourself some space, it will provide you with the time to work through those feelings before seeing that friend again.

Some friends understand you instantly, and then there are others where it requires a little more work. You need to keep in mind that you’re friends for a reason, and taking a break can be a really healthy decision. It doesn’t have to be a big drama, just occupy your time doing other things for a while, whether it’s spending time with different friends, family or just having some you time. Then, you can decide for yourself exactly how many doses you can enjoy their time before you need a break.