Things you only learn in your 30s

Life is a journey, it’s full of happy and tough moments. For you, the 30 years you have been in this world have been amazing. However, let’s go back for a moment, how was your childhood, how was it like in your teens and perhaps your 20s. For sure, you are strong. The challenges you’ve been through have hardened you, and you’ve learned amazing lessons that have helped you manoeuvre around life all these years. Plenty as the lessons can be, here are things you learn in your 30s.


Being in your 30s teaches you to prioritize on things that make you happy — things that speak to your soul and fills you with joy. You buy things that make you feel confident enough to keep life going. For example, you buy nice clothes, shoes and eat good food.

You don’t care about what people think of you

In your 20s, you most probably care about what people say, and you sometimes feel hurt if they talk negatively about you. For now, things are different, you have passed through that and have learned how to deal with such comments. You are keen about yourself, and you don’t care what they say. You only associate with people that matter the most in your life.


Being helpful to others is a virtue you develop while in your 30s. At this age bracket, you view life. Differently, you consider other people’s sufferings and you always ready to help. Kindness makes you appreciate others and thank them for their efforts to serve you.

You choose your friends carefully

Friends are amazing people in life, they make life exciting and are always there to cheer you up when you are sad. But, what kind of friends will do that? At 30, you learn to drop friends that don’t add value to your life. You would rather have a handful friends that would be there to support you during both happy and tough times.

Relationships face numerous challenges

When in a relationship you give your best for the relationship to last. But, in some instances, you find yourself in abusive relationships, or you don’t feel the same anymore. And sometimes you decided to part ways. After being heartbroken, you come to terms with the fact, relationships face challenges and it helps to be careful while choosing a partner.

Health is important

With the increased responsibility, your body becomes exhausted, and you become vulnerable to diseases. You realize you need to maintain your health and prevent diseases that may affect you and your family. You start to invest in health insurance; you eat a balanced diet and exercise a lot to avoid diseases.

You learn to create time for your loved ones

Most probably, you have a family, and you have new responsibilities. Despite having to work tirelessly to fulfil your duties, you lean to create time for your kids and partner. You, realize that family is important and you strive to spend quality time with your family.

In your 30s you learn many things some of which will prepare you for your 40s, 50s onwards. For example, you learn to take care of your health, save for retirement, spent time with your family etc. You are now an adult with responsibilities. Take everything you learn in this age bracket positively, and you will enjoy life.