Summer outfits for when you’re feeling lazy

Rolling out of bed, throwing on a pair of sweats, and heading to the office sounds too tempting, are we right? Unfortunately, we can’t all get away with such simple styles. So when the sun rises, and it’s time to head out to work once again, we have some tips for summer work outfits for when you’re feeling lazy. Staying on top of the fashion game doesn’t have to take hours, trust us.

Photo: BURST

All in ones

Yes, summer is the time when wearing a smarter version of a onesie is perfectly acceptable. Jumpsuits and rompers are in! The best bit about these outfits is they are so easy to change up and require as little effort as possible. Changing a few accessories, doing your hair in a different style, or adding a jacket can transform your entire look in less than two minutes. Plus, you’ll no longer have to worry about coordinating your outfit. Perfect.

Keep it neutral

Summer means the days are longer, and boy don’t they feel it sometimes? Those late nights and early starts can wreak havoc with our sleep schedules, and occasionally we need a quick fix in the morning. If you need a way to make your outfit match without trawling into the depths of your wardrobe, then stick with a neutral color scheme. Browns, beiges, and creams are the perfect options for the lazy stylist.

Shirt dresses

Thinking of going to the office can conjure up images of shirts and blazers, but they both seem like so much effort. However, you don’t need to worry about sacrificing your style for laziness this summer with the addition of a shirt dress. They can be worn over a pair of leggings if you need something with a bit more coverage, or merely teamed with a waist belt to give yourself some shape this season. Now that smart look doesn’t seem so difficult to achieve.

Layer it up

The heat of the summer might have you thinking about taking clothes off rather than layering them on, but these simple layers could spell the difference between being a fashion icon at the office and rolling up in your PJs for the fourth day in a row. A t-shirt under your favorite dress, a lace bralette under a loose top, or a sweater draped over your shoulders are simple additions that only take moments to master, but could change your entire look.

Photo: BURST

Patterned pants

These are the additions that could be about to save your life. Patterned pants give a whole new level to your outfit with as little effort as possible. After all, you only need to team them with a plain t-shirt, and you could be onto a winner. Prints such as floral patterns, geometric prints, or polka dots are all great options to go for and mean you don’t have to worry with complicated accessories to get the most from your look.

Getting ready for the office doesn’t mean we have to always spend hours in hair and wardrobe. Now, we can look runway ready with a few easy steps for those days when we’re feeling lazy. Watch out office, we are on our way, and we’re feeling fierce this summer.