Tips for throwing the perfect dinner party

The date is set, and the dinner party is going ahead. Hang on a second, last time the night ended in complete disaster! Or maybe this is your first attempt at hosting for your friends and family? Have no fear; we are here to help everything go smoothly. Thankfully, we have some top tips for throwing the perfect dinner party.

Think about the guest list

The guests are the most important aspect of the dinner party. After all, no guests mean no party! Now is the time to get everyone out of their comfort zone while offering up the perfect evening. This could be by inviting people from a variety of ages. On the other hand, you could welcome guests from all walks of life. This should lead to plenty of dinnertime conversation as everyone gets to know each other.

Getting the menu right

Before even thinking about what you will be putting on your menu, do any of your guests have any dietary requirements? The last thing you need is to find out someone is allergic to peanuts after you’ve made your “special” curry sauce. Once you have the answer, it’s time to get thinking. It’s best to opt for food that is easy to prepare ahead of time so you can maximize socialization, as well as sticking with seasonal ingredients.

Tips for throwing the perfect dinner party

Stunning decorations

This doesn’t mean you have to break out the holiday tinsel and go mad with the fairy lights; decorating for a dinner party should add to the room, not overwhelm it. Some fresh flowers, color coordinated napkins, and matching tableware rings can bring the whole place together. Hosting a dinner party should make your guests feel as though you have gone to a lot of effort, but it doesn’t have to cost a fortune or be over the top. After all, it’s all about having fun and enjoying the food.

Dress to impress

Sometimes it is easier to set a dress code for your guests, so there is no confusion when it comes to outfit choices. If you want to make your room really pop, then had you thought about matching your outfit to the color scheme of the evening? This doesn’t have to be an overload of color either. It could be as simple as having a piece that matches the flower decorations, or your jewelry complimenting the silverware.

Think about gifts

We’re assuming that you want to create a night to remember with your dinner party? For the right reasons, of course. Why not give your guests something physical to remind them of the incredible experience they have enjoyed in your home? This could be making a personalized pillow they can use on their chair, a sweet treat, or a crystal of some kind. The opportunities are endless when it comes to your after-dinner surprises.

Tips for throwing the perfect dinner party

All that’s left is to get on the phone with your guests and set a date. Although it may seem as though the food is the highlight, there are plenty of other aspects that go into throwing the perfect dinner party. Just breath, relax and chill out. Everything will be fine, and we’re sure you and your guests will have a great time!