5 lifestyle blogs you need to follow

We love blogs. Reading them feels like chatting with an old friend, but one that has the best advice and seemingly knows everything there is to know about food/makeup/travel/general life. In fact, it seems as though lifestyle bloggers are living the dream, and by reading their posts, you can feel as though you are doing it with them! Here are some of the best lifestyle bloggers that you should be following for #lifestyle goals!

A Cup of Jo

Aside from loving the cute play on words of the title, the founder of this blog, Joanna Goddard, was actually named Queen of the Blogosphere. Showcasing the best in elegant fashion, luxury travel, delicious food and amazing experiences, we like to live our lives vicariously through Jo. And evidently so do her other 5 million + monthly readers! That said, Jo is not afraid to shy away from some pretty scary subjects, such as harassment and how to help when awful things are happening in the world. She’s pretty amazing.


Hannah Bronfman’s HBFit covers Health, Beauty, and Fitness (which is where the name comes from) and she is one of the most influential fitness bloggers in the business right now. In addition to offering inspiration and motivation for working out and delicious but healthy recipes, Hannah also branches out into makeup and beauty. Her blog is basically a one-stop shop for everything any woman could possibly ever need. Winning!

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5 lifestyle blogs you need to follow


This award-winning travel blog will give you the fiercest wanderlust! With breathtaking pictures, top tips, and amazing recommendations, founder Becky Moore will take you on an around the world adventure without you ever having to live your living room. This blog is ideal for those travelers who want to visit the most incredible parts of the world, and those homebodies who just like reading about it.

The Blonde Salad

You know a blog is getting popular when it grows from one person in their bedroom, to a whole team of people, and that’s precisely what happened with The Blonde Salad. Recently relaunched by Instagram favorite Chiara Ferragni (who has an incredible 8 million followers on the platform!) and Riccardo Pozzoli, the LA-based blog is now more of an online lifestyle magazine.

Happy Fit Mama

Angela Bekkala takes a different look at a fitness blog as she aims to make exercise fun and accessible to anyone – not just fit twenty-something gym bunnies! She also offers practical recipes that can be created quickly, even by busy moms. One of her biggest focuses is on being happy as well as fit. Angela is a real inspirational mama!

Lifestyle blogs are a great way to learn new things, pick up tips and tricks, and feel as though other people are going through similar things to you. Whatever it is that you are interested in, there will be a blog out there for you and a community of people wanting to talk. And if you can’t find a blog that you love, why not make one yourself and perhaps this time next year, you’ll find yourself on this list of amazing blogs!

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5 lifestyle blogs you need to follow