This 7-minute fitness routine can change your life

Keeping fit requires a lot of effort, and we’re always looking for ways to make it easier without losing any of the benefits. There’s nothing wrong with cutting corners here and there. After all, many of us don’t always have the time to dedicate ourselves to working out and staying fit when we have full-time jobs. Luckily, we came across an amazing workout that that has the advantages of a visit to the gym but can be done in just seven minutes!

This 7-minute fitness routine can change your life

What is it?

The workout is found on the Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout app that was created by exercise physiologist Chris Jordan. After five years on the market, the app has been an incredible success and helped countless people squeeze exercise into their daily lives. It works by putting you through interval training – short periods of exercise with differing intensity – for seven minutes. It is remarkably successful at getting your heart pumping and muscles growing.

Although you might be doubtful about achieving so much in such a short space of time, don’t be. This app can be a great help to your fitness, and we’re going to show you how to use it.

How does it work?

As of the app’s most recent update, it offers up to 72 individual exercises for you to do. These include many of the standard ones that you’re probably familiar with, such as jumping jacks and sit-ups, and are done on the floor or a chair. Videos of Jordan performing all of these exercises are available to watch, so you know if you’re doing them correctly. Having the right form is always important when working out, because doing something wrong can lead to injury.

All of these exercises come available in preset workouts designed by Jordan, and they vary in intensity. On days when you’re muscles are feeling sore, you can go for something that’s a little less demanding on your body while still getting in a good workout. This also means that you can increase the intensity the longer you use the app. That way, you’re constantly challenging yourself and getting the most out of your fitness.

A standard seven-minute workout on the app puts you through 12 exercises, all lasting a total of 30 seconds. If there’s a certain exercise you’re not a fan of (we hate doing push-ups), the positive is that you never have to do it for very long. The negative is that you only get 10 seconds to rest before moving on, but at least you can collapse in exhaustion after a few more minutes.

This 7-minute fitness routine can change your life

Bonus features

As with any fitness app, there are several features implemented that aim to keep you focused on your fitness. One of these keeps track of your motivation level and what you prefer doing, and then tailors a workout program around it. The personalized experience is something that every fitness regime should have, to ensure that you’re doing something that works for you.

If you’ve got more than seven minutes to spare, there are workouts on the app that last as long as 32 minutes. Doing one of these a week on a day when you’ve got a lot of spare time is a great way to push yourself and reinforce all that hard work you’ve been putting in. The point of the seven-minute workouts is that they’re quick, easy (well, maybe not too easy) and effective, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try pushing yourself harder every now and again.

Home workouts aren’t for everyone, but they’re an amazing way of keeping fit when you don’t have a lot of free time. This app shocked us with how much of an impact it had on our fitness, despite how short the workouts are. Just know that it’s not a miracle cure. Using this doesn’t mean you can still eat whatever you want without it having an effect.