The most attractive qualities people look for in a partner

If you’re stuck on the single train going to singleville for the rest of your single life, you may be feeling pretty darn rubbish about yourself. Although you don’t have much problem swiping right on dating apps or asking someone out for a romantic candlelit dinner, you just can’t seem to get out of the friend zone – or even into the two-date zone! You begin to wonder whether there is something drastically wrong with you, or whether you even have the capability to date a human being at all! Perhaps a trip to Mars is in order? So, to try and be the best in the dating game, you should check out the most attractive qualities people look for in a partner and see whether you tick any of the boxes…


Okay, this one really is a no-brainer. Would YOU want to date someone you didn’t trust? We’re gonna go ahead and assume that you said no. Whether you actively seek to find someone trustworthy or whether you feel something isn’t quite right during your date, you need to know that the person sitting in front of you is someone who will be 100% committed to you and your relationship.

Vulnerable, without being needy

There’s nothing more unattractive than someone who is overly confident in themselves and their abilities. Because of this, most people find that people who are strong enough to reveal themselves and their weaknesses are more attractive. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to be the shoulder to cry on for your partner all day, every day because they should also be able to go on with their lives without validation. You feel us?

The most attractive qualities people look for in a partner

Genuine interest

I mean, what’s the point in dating someone who doesn’t give a monkey’s about the person in front of them? One of the most attractive qualities people look for in a partner is someone who has a genuine interest in you. They ask you questions, they make an effort to learn more about you, your history and your life, and they won’t just be staring off into space or taking advantage of the free dinner date. You need to be curious about your potential life partner. Otherwise, there’s little chance of a second date.


If you’re a hopeless romantic like us, you’ll know that there is nothing more magical than finding a life partner who is also your best friends – which means that they need to be friendly. After all, you’re not going to want to spend your Sunday mornings with someone who is going to be rude about the fact that you’re eating your 10th pancake. In a new relationship, both parties need to ensure that they make the time and effort to get to know another and form a real connection.

Sense of humor

Yep, we all love a good laugh – and having a laugh with a potential significant other is one of the best ways to form a connection. Of course, you could have a four-hour date while discussing politics, the state of the economy and your favorite breed of cats, but where’s the fun in that? Being able to make jokes and laugh with each other is the best way to see whether you have the same sense of humor as each other. However, it’s best to avoid self-deprecating humor, as you’re supposed to be selling yourself…

The most attractive qualities people look for in a partner

If you’re struggling to find the love of your life, it may be because you’re not showcasing all of these qualities that are most attractive to those looking for a life partner. How did you score?